Taker Wide Podcast – Livin’ The Kyfe Lyfe With Steve Vargas & Musky Rice

For a couple years now, we’ve been following Steve Vargas & Musky Rice’s Taker Wide Podcast, which is a Canadian independent music podcast that airs weekly and talks to a wide variety of people who are deep in the trenches of the entertainment industry, living what they refer to as the “kyfe lyfe”.


We’re talking about people who play in bands that are usually no where near mainstream, or journalists, or producers, or what have you.  Guests of the podcast could just about anyone, and Steve and Musky talked to a fair number of people by this point 3 years into their podcasting career.  That said, the podcast generally focuses on music, one way or another.


With no shortage of interesting content coming from all sides, Steve and Musky have a unique perspective, being musicians who live on the fringes of society themselves (we mean that in the nicest way possible, of course).  For instance, Steve is a member of several Ontario bands, including the Great Sabatini, BIIGPIIGWAN, and Greber.  Each of these bands rocks hard, and shows no mercy.  Musky himself is the creative force behind BIIGPIIGWAN.  These bands are very active in the hardcore community, and have toured extensively.  Followers of these bands are usually quite dedicated, and the shows are bananas. 

With all that band experience behind them, it definitely adds an interesting flavor to the podcast.  Indeed, if you listen to enough of the podcast, Steve and Musky paint a fairly accurate portrait of what it’s like to be in a hardcore band in Canada, which has a climate that is stiflingly hot, or cold as a witch’s teet.  Add to that the fact that Canada is geographically huge, and you might begin to imagine the logistical nightmare that is touring the country.  Anyway, this is our whining, not theirs.  Steve and Musky have been in the music scene for years, without major complaint – they’re lifers, essentially.

Anyway, if you enjoy a podcast that has the appeal of drinking a cold cup of black coffee the second you get out of bed, the Taker Wide Podcast could be just what you need.

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