About Us

Hi, and welcome to YouTube Music Sucks!

We are a music blog that reviews music gear and delves into various genres of music, exploring the history of music as it connects to the present day.

We love all genres of music, from electronic, to rock, to jazz, metal, to electropop, ambient, industrial, and the list goes on.

We are curious and admittedly obsessive music fans, players of many instruments, and avid listeners of anything we consider to be good.

FYI, this blog was named before the Youtube Music platform appeared, making it perhaps seem like we don’t like the platform.  Well, as it happens we have no qualms with it.

The name of this blog’s name was coined by a spirited man – a super-high guitar player who thought of it late one evening in a manic state of sorts, and hence the domain was purchased before it could be questioned.

Years later, it has stuck and it’s too late to turn back now!  Plus we like our logo…

Our Staff

Here are some quick blurbs about each of our contributors, in case you were wondering who was sailing this ship through cyberspace…

Marko Jovanovic

Marko Jovanovic

Senior editor for Ultimate-Guitar, passionate about good music and quality gear. Bassist. King Crimson fan. Travel enthusiast.

Connect with him here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/u/jomatami

Jerry Grey

pickle daniels

Criminally sexy, hot to trot, Suburban Bicycle Gang member and collector of rare spoons.

Connect with him here: https://www.facebook.com/suburbanbicyclegang/

Dave Fox


Recorder of many songs, haver of many albums.  Dave has been making music for the past twenty years or so, of varying degrees of quality.  He has a keen interest in studying all aspects of music history, especially experimental genres like krautrock and no wave.

Hear his tunes here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1v3iPVEXzurahTI2Tm4Tpm

Chad Casarin

chad casarin playing outside

Chad Casarin is an abstract improvisational artist not much into being boastful. He lives in a tyrannical city that drives his integrity.

Ex-drummer of Bun, Treben’dle, Grand River Orchestra, Personal Helicopter, Yim Tin Tam, Nervous Wrecked, while recently doing keyboard noises in Telson Delmer.

Jay Sandwich

Jay is an ex-shred guitar player and current modular synth noodler from a small town somewhere.  Quote: “I’m a salty old sandwich with a perspective as fresh as bread.”  No bull.

Michael Hornyak

Music experimentalist, developer of HyperInteractive Reality ( Light Paint HiR ), intrepid dude currently living in BC.  Michael can summon power from the ground where ever he may be, and can turn an ordinary room into a laboratory of light and sound if you give him a few hours, days, weeks, months, years.