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Michael Hornyak of HiR, or Hyper Interactive Reality, is one of those guys who looks at electronics a little differently than your average hu-man.  The guy does and is a lot of things – a musician, a free thinker, an electrician, a coder, and someone who likes to really dig in when it comes to technology.  He’s old school, for sure.


Think of it this way, you know those bins full of wires and weird shit that sits in your garage and you’re not sure if you should throw it out or not?  That’s the kind of stuff Michael would use to actually make something functional.  Yes, it may only spew fire from one end, but it would look cool and it might even have some impressive cognitive abilities of its own.  We’re talking a sentient beast with its own kill switch made up entirely of junk from your back room.  Amazing!

But we must digress… Here’s a typical day in the life of Michael Hornyak, running some experiments in his lab and generally just kickin’ back and doing his thang.

Besides playing in his lab and starting small (but controlled) fires, Michael has developed a few different pieces of open-source software, such as his imaginative and open-sourced Light Paint HiR, which is an ever-evolving piece of free light painting software that Michael wants to share with the whole world – anyone from professional musicians and legit video makers to kids and adults or really anyone who might enjoy it!

Light Paint HiR – Fun, Free, Live, Love

Light Paint HiR is designed to be used in a multitude of ways.  For one thing, it is a way to use your computer’s web cam to manipulate light, and essentially paint with it.  It is simple to use, like an old PC paint program, but it also has a lot of versatility and functionality, so that you can use it in a wide variety of ways.

Here’s Michael explaining some of the many ways that Light Paint HiR can be used…

Ok, that all sounds pretty cool, right?  Let us now see it in action!

Watch the video demo of Light Paint HiR below to see how you can use the software at a live event near you.

From this video, you can probably tell that Light Paint HiR would be something that might be very interesting to see at a large scale event, where people can actually use their bodies and light sources to paint on a large canvas using this software.  It is a playful piece of software, and meant to be used as such.

Light Paint And Music Video Production

As you might have gleaned by now, Michael loves to make things, and he also loves music.  In fact, with Light Paint HiR, Michael has developed a tool that will allow users to make some trippy-ass music videos using just their web cam and a host of fun-to-use effects that Michael has crammed into the software.  Indeed, music video productions is one of the things that Michael has developed his software specifically for.

Here’s an example of Michael playing around with Light Paint HiR along with some music and original vocals.  Check it out!

Michael’s Light Paint HiR software is an ongoing work in progress, and, due to its open source nature, is continually integrating new technologies into it.

Access To Light Paint HiR

When will it be available to the public?  Beta versions are currently available, but you have to talk to the man himself.  The best way to do that is to visit the Light Paint HiR page on Facebook and send him a message.

You can also check out Michael’s YouTube channel, called NiVofHiR to see his latest video updates and goings-on.  There’s some wild stuff on there, including other software he’s working on, musics, and crazy electronix experiments he gets up to.

Or, alternately, you can hit Hyper Interactive Reality up on Facebook.  This is actually Michael’s personal page, but he and HiR are one, because when you live in Hyper Interactive Reality like he does, there’s really no need to make any distinction, ya dig?

Meanwhile, as time passes, you know that Michael will continue to tweak things and make Light Paint HiR even better!

Peace, dawgs.

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