Kittens (Winnipeg Band) – Step Inside the Hardcore Haunted House

kittens winnipeg hardcore band

Here’s a live clip of the band playing their song “Carpenter”, so you can see the frightening intensity in action.

Here is Kittens’ full discography:

  • 1992 Like A Plough
  • 1993 Calico
  • 1993 Pony
  • 1993 Grizzly
  • 1994 Doberman
  • 1995 Tiger Comet
  • 1996 Rhinoceros Love
  • 1997 Bazooka and The Hustler
  • 1998 The Night Danger Album
  • 1998 Low-Fi Classics & Other Rarities

rhinocerous love kittens

According to some dark web files we’ve found, some people believe that their sound originated from a collaboration album they did with an artist called Aldo Pimptronic. The four track EP called Spazzabazza, apparently warmed up Kittens to the sounds of the blatantly absurd. Unfortunately, we were not able to locate a copy of the album on either of the normal or dark webs.

david kelly kittens drummer

young coconut musician

5 thoughts on “Kittens (Winnipeg Band) – Step Inside the Hardcore Haunted House”

  1. Dude, do you know where i can find the tracks on the “Calico” cassette? I had that back in the early 90’s and really wish I still did. It’s my favorite thing they ever did.

  2. crazy. I am a huge fan. I have a Calico 7”, and a few cds. I also have a bootleg csssette of one their shows.

    • That’s awesome. I’m a huge fan, but I don’t have any 7″‘s. Just their CD’s. Where’d you get a bootleg??

    • Calico was this full length cassette that came out in 92. Nice pink cover and sounded AMAZING. Way better than the other demo cassettes or “official” releases that followed. To my ears anyway. Ha!


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