Tiger Suit – The Debut Album

tiger suit indie electro world music band

Tiger Suit is a musical act that features the musical collaboration of Renee Cross and Curtis Maranda.  Together they have travelled the world and taken some of the rich musical culture they’ve experienced to heart.

Nowhere is this more evident than on Tiger Suit’s dreamy debut album, which features exotic instrumentation and arrangements that feature something of both the East and the West.

What could be considered most interesting about Tiger Suit as a musical unit is how fully they integrate these worldly sounds into their musical essence.

Instruments such as the shamisen melds itself to electro beats on tracks like Shiogama Blues, while Mongolian throat singing saddles up to didgeridoo and mantra-like vocals on Kargyraa…

The congregation of these relatively unusual musical elements would seem quite understandable when you consider the fact that Tiger Suit have spent time living and working abroad for extended periods of time.


Their visits to these culturally diverse lands were sometimes brief, sometimes longer, and very often quite intense, leaving a lasting impression on Curtis and Renee in many ways.

As such, the blending of Eastern and Western musical influences on this Tiger Suit album is quite natural and a welcome listen to those who are perhaps a little tired of hearing predictable music.  This album sounds rather effortless in its approach, although still exotic to most North American ears, with over half of the album being in sung in a language other than english.

But, we must say, this album features more than just a crossroads of musical influences.  It also spotlights the musical talents of Curtis Maranda as a producer who has a background steeped in club music, and Renee Cross as a diverse and splendid vocal talent.

Hear the full album below in its entirety…

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