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There is an opinion floating around these days that, in general, the world is kinda fucked.  A lot of people like to blame Trump, but hey, things were kinda fucked before he got in, right?

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While things do seem a bit “off” sometimes, we must admit, one of the benefits of our society here in North America is that we are living in a time where we can say whatever the fuck we want, and get our message out there, thanks to the internet.  With the help of technology, podcasts and online radio shows are popping up all over the place, and building their own audiences.  We think Happy Harry Hard-on would be proud, don’t you?

A great example of this relatively new and uninhibited form of broadcasting can be found with Dark Matter Radio.  This is an online live radio show that features Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction, as well as co-hosts Todd Newman, Dan Cleary, Jessica Sattelberger, and lest we forget Engineer Mo.

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While it has been broadcasting since 2008, Dark Matter Radio these days is like a very sharp and pointy shiv, every week getting sharper and pointier as the hosts of Dark Matter lovingly polish their technique, getting darker, more brutally honest, and more hilarious as the weeks go by. 

As such, when you tune into Dark Matter Radio, what you’re getting is a fairly impromptu or unfiltered assessment of what’s going on in the world, whether it be good or bad.  Its not really any one specific type of show – as a show, its like real mutt – its like a poodle / dachshund / rotty cross-breed type of deal.  Or…well, this image below kind of sums it all up nicely.

dark matter with dave navarro

The hosts – Dave, Todd, Dan, Jessica – don’t ever limit themselves in terms of what they talk about.  There is no real consensus on what someone can talk about – hence, not everyone (hosts or listeners) are going to 100% in their comfort zone at all times, but ah well!  

To be fair, at this point, its probably physically impossible to impose any limits on these individuals, since its their show and they answer to no one.  Hence, Dark Matter might be, as they say, NSFW, or really, straight up not recommended listening for minors, the faint of heart, SJW’s, and those bleeding heart liberals.

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Image Source: Dark Matter Facebook

Now, because Dark Matter Radio is a self-sustaining entity, meaning it doesn’t rely on cash from sponsors or any outside support to exist, this gives it a special kind of leeway to, essentially, do or say whatever the fuck they want, without any ramifications from networks, bosses, or whomever.  In this sense, Dark Matter Radio really is Happy Harry Hard-on’s dream come true, because it allows for the hosts to dig into just about whatever topic they want, whether its music, having various colorful guests call in, or discussing whether extra-terrestrials are currently mating with our race to create “hybrids”.  Half the time they’re just shooting the shit, which is often some of the best conversations you’ll hear on the show because its just raw and in the moment.

One cool thing happened recently, and that is that YouTube Music Sucks got to jump on live with the Dark Matter crew to ask them some questions about their “podcast”, even though its not really a podcast – its a radio show, as they said.  Still, we had some burning questions to ask them regarding where the show came from, where its going, how they get “in the mood”, and a few other things that we cooked up about 20 minutes before going live to air.  Check it out!

Overall, the vibe we got from talking to the Dark Matter crew isn’t something they do for the money, but for the pure love of having a platform to do and say as they please.  Nestled in their downtown Hollywood studio with the cramped parking lot, Dark Matter Radio is a place where they can come in, do their thing, maybe talk to a guest or caller here and there, slap each other in the balls (except for Jessica, who is presumably without balls to slap), and go home with a sense of accomplishment for balls well slapped. 

To us, its interesting to see and hear what people get up to when they’re not specifically being motivated by “the money” (AKA the motherfuckin’ monayyyy). 

dark matter radio on the air
Image Source: Dark Matter Facebook

People getting paid to do things is the way of the world, but when you do something because you love it, ironically that’s when you become more of a threat to society – because then you’re just being honest, and the truth is hard to swallow.

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