What Is Bespoke Music? – Interview with The Merry Jaynz’ Songsmith Tom Smith

Tom Smith – bespoke musician and member of the Merry Jaynz swamp rock band
TS: I add more tracks, it takes more time, so the price goes up. For a full band arrangement (electric guitars, bass, drums, multiple vocal tracks, etc) I’d start at $500.
TS: Patreon is a platform that lets an artists fans pledge on an ongoing basis (usually monthly), and in return the artist gives them a much more in-depth behind the scenes perspectives and a deeper more personal relationship.

TS: The last custom bit of work i did for free was a cover song.
YC: very cool man i’m on that page with you…so the day job is what then?
TS: True!
TS: for sure
YC: take it easy.. this bird’s gotta fly!
Watch their video for “Walk Outside”

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