Try Hard (In Space) by Try Hardz – Album Review

Track by Track breakdown of Try Hard (In Space) by Try Hardz

3rd bass : Very mysterious opener, “I sell what sells”, “I sell this track” love the eerie fee to it .

learn you lose you –Great instrumental, and the lyrics are well written. it also has one of the better vocal singing of the entire project .6/10

holiday hangover: This song has the most emotions in the album, although at times singing gets out of hand and the notes come out wrong, there is certain emotional stigma attached to this song making it enjoyable. 

gordo’s night in – 7/10

kiddy kingdom– 4/10

cut to lava  This  was one of the hardest songs to get through , until the singing started which made it much more enjoyable .3/10 

gordo live from the lava pit : this song has a super punky feel almost like something out of the 70-80s.The vocal distortion  adds that edgy side to the song , although at times makes it difficult to understand what is being said.

mack lane : great pallet cleanser , after all those singing tracks. It almost has spoken word feel to it, that is until the drums come in.

clip from the 4000’s (tonight we go by weaselback) – perhaps my favorite track from the whole project. Everything from the instrumental to the vocal clarity to the subject matter, is extremely well made. This should be the single, maybe a cool music video to follow it.

trinidaddy daddy – The bad singing makes a return on this track, with vocals being too weak at points it was hard to understand anything and at times so loud the ear drums can rip apart. Perhaps a low point in otherwise good album.

i, orphan-Another standout track. The instrumental so wavy and chill and the singing fits the beat. Almost reminds me of a cowboy singing a song on his way back home on a horse. You can hear what seems to be mixture of laughter and crying at points, which just adds to the mystery of the song. It does not overstay its welcome 10/10 track.

too many jimmies: another soft pallet cleanser track.

rj&t : spacy instrumental , but the mixing and mastering needs a lot of work.

godin and the yesters ; 6/10

patepatuppa 5/10

In conclusion:

The album cover art is unique and captures attentions very fast, although I understood its meaning I wondered by not use higher quality images of the tiger or the earth globe, you could have achieved the same look if you used HD photos of each element. I would also use a more eye capturing font for my album tittle. Because remember that’s the most important aspect of the album art.

This album is way too long for its own good, coming at 15 tracks it is a car wreck to sit through. One thing to remember is we live an era where the listener’s attention span is very short. With most commercially successful albums coming at maximum 11 tracks. There were a lot of filler tracks that could have been emitted from the album, which would make the listening experience much more enjoyable. Overall the mixing and mastering on most songs are in need of great work, although here and there as mentioned in the track by track break down, there comes songs that are perfect and need no change. Don’t try to push yourself to sing above your range, your singing voice works fine at particular tones, once you try to push pass that range it makes the song unbearable.

Overall given that this is an experimental album and that it tries to break down conventional music boundaries, I would give it 7/10. There are songs here that have potential to go multi-platinum, but there also songs here that sound like a 5-year-old made them. Moving forward with your music in future, I can’t stress enough the benefits of quality control. Before releasing a project make sure tracks that don’t meet the level of quality don’t make the cut, in order to make the project more credible.

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