Savannah Travel Banjo Review

Kids are curious and want to try lots of activities, so you can easily purchase this banjo for the child who might want to dip their toe in the world of banjo playing without breaking your wallet.

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Savannah Sb-060 Travel Banjo With Bag

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  • Maple rim
  • 24 brackets
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Mahogany neck
  • Lightweight

First Impressions

This travel banjo is incredibly light, which makes a huge difference when you want to bring your banjo with you on hikes or camping trips.

Even if you want to bring your banjo down to the beach to play around a bonfire, this will be a great banjo for any place you want to play. It’s called a travel banjo, or a parlor banjo, because it’s shorter than regular banjos as well as being lighter.

They were played in parlors before the radio and television when music was a source of entertainment for the family in the parlor.

It’s constructed with great tone woods that make the entire instrument very lightweight while being well made.

This is a 5-string parlor banjo with a smaller neck that’s slim in your hand. This is what makes it a perfect banjo for children who have smaller hands than adults. It’s a lovely color that will make you feel like you have a more expensive instrument in your hand.

Required Setup

When you receive this banjo, you’ll have to set it up like you would with any other banjo delivered to your home. It’ll never come to the house ready to play.

If it left the manufacturer ready to play, you’d have a bunch of broken pieces when you opened the box at home. Strings will need to be tightened. The bridge will need to be fixed or placed on the head. The brackets will likely have to be tightened, too.

You will need to tune the strings on this banjo before it can be played. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, a local music shop can be contacted to tune your instrument.

If you have hired a banjo instructor, that person can show you how to tune it yourself. That way when you’re ready to purchase a larger instrument, you can do the tuning on your own with an app or a tuner.

Banjo Materials

The wood that’s used to make a banjo has a huge impact on the sound that it produces. Tone woods will resonate and create warm, rich sounds that would be deadened if other materials were used.

This Savannah Travel Banjo has a maple rim, rosewood fretboard, and mahogany neck. All of the woods are fantastic for making banjos.

The banjo is a beautiful color, too. Some banjos are made with light-colored wood that can often make them look inexpensive, but this one is a rich, dark color that makes the banjo appear luxurious.

That luxurious look doesn’t come with a high price tag, either.

Brackets and Length

The length of the scale is 19 ¾ inches compared to the average length of 22 inches. The head of the banjo is 11 inches with 24 brackets keeping the rim and head together. The total length of the banjo is 32 inches.

Resonator or Open Back

This is an open-back banjo. It’s what makes the instrument light and easy to travel with – no matter where you’re going.

Some people have actually taken this on a plane and stuck it into the overhead compartment with ease.

You wouldn’t be able to do that with a regular-sized banjo because of the length and weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a good banjo for a child under 7 years old?
The length of the banjo makes it a good one for a child. The neck is short and slim for their smaller hands.

What does the banjo weigh?
This banjo weighs 6 pounds. This might be light or heavy depending on the age of the player. Keep that in mind when purchasing the banjo.

Is there a bag included with the banjo?
This banjo comes with a bag to make it easier for you to enjoy your banjo on the road. It doesn’t matter where you’re traveling, this banjo will be snug in its bag.


The Savannah Travel Banjo is a great little banjo for anyone who needs a travel or parlor banjo to practice with while on the road traveling or heading on a hike through the woods to a campground.

You’ll never grow fatigued carrying this banjo, and it also comes with a bag specifically made for the banjo’s size.

If you are just starting out, here are some great banjos for beginners to try!

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Savannah Sb-060 Travel Banjo With Bag

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