Rockville Pro Studio Recording Condenser Microphone

The Rockville RCM03 Pro Studio Recording Condenser Microphone works for amateurs and serious professionals alike. It comes with everything you could possibly need to have a small recording studio at your own desk.

It doesn’t require a sound booth or construction to add sound dampening to the walls. Instead, you can have an inexpensive sound studio without buying thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Who Needs a Recording Condenser Microphone?

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Rockville Rcm03 Pro Studio Recording Condenser Microphone Mic+Shock Mount+Shield

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This is a good setup for a variety of customers. If you want to record your voice for gaming commentary during videos, school lectures that you’re giving, or audio books, this is one of the best microphones for Skype and gaming that comes with everything you could possibly need.

It’ll get your foot in the door of recording if you want to start uploading your videos to YouTube. You might want to create your own courses online, too. Any instance where you need a crisp, clear rendition of your voice this microphone is a fantastic choice.

What’s Included?

  • Isolation filter
  • Sound dampening foam
  • Microphone
  • Shock mount
  • Cables
  • Tripod design

Power Requirements

If your computer sound card can handle a recording microphone, you won’t need to worry about power. On the other hand, it can make more sense to get a 48V DC phantom power source, so you can be sure that your computer’s sound card won’t die.

You won’t have to rely on having the right sound card to power the microphone at all if you use a phantom power source. When you don’t have a good sound card, you’ll be able to hear that in the recordings. If you’re going to the trouble of buying a microphone, it’s best to have all the accessories in place, too.

Noise Reduction

rockville recorder for gaming commentary

You don’t have to worry about the hiss and pop of your breath on the microphone since this kit comes with a filter. This screen covers the microphone, so that you don’t end up with extra sounds in your recordings.

The condenser cardioid design will keep you from recording background noise from other sources in the room, too. It’s the same filter you’ll see professionals use when they’re making their recordings in a studio sound booth.

Shock Mount

Microphones need shock mounts to keep them from recording vibrations. While you can’t hear the vibrations from movement, it’s very discernible for the microphone and will be heard on your recordings. You don’t want to be able to hear the vibrations from the room like the creaks and movement of the desk.

The shock mount can also protect the microphone from damage in case it falls. While some people don’t recommend a shock mount in a home studio, it provides a huge benefit. Normally, the shock mount is an added expense that some don’t require. This microphone comes with one as part of the kit, which makes it silly not to use it.

Vocal Booth Foam

gaming commentary recorder

The microphone has a cardioid pattern for recording the natural sound that comes from a person speaking directly into the mic. The pro audio acoustic isolation shield provides extra sound dampening for your recordings.

You might not hear all the noise in the room, but a good mic will pick up all the ambient sounds of the room itself. The isolation foam acts as an isolation shield like those seen in professional sound studios. It’s portable as well, so you don’t have to worry about staying in one place when you are recording.

Whether you plan on doing interviews, gaming with friends, or recording your lectures, you can bring this microphone setup with you anywhere. It’s rugged and sturdy as well as providing a small footprint for setup in any location without needing a huge space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of material was used to make the filter?
The filter is made of high-grade steel, which is why the entire microphone setup is so rugged and durable.

How many panels are in the foam acoustic shield?
There are 3 pieces for the panel.

What are the dimensions of the mic?
The length is 217 mm while the diameter is 44 mm.

How much does the equipment weigh?
The total weight is 4 pounds, which is another reason it’s so easy to port this wherever you might need it.

Is this microphone recording system compatible with a Mac?
This system is definitely compatible with a Mac.

What kind of recording software can I use?
This is a personal preference. You can purchase software or use a free recording software downloaded from a reputable software provider.

The Rockville Pro Studio Recording Condenser Microphone has everything you need to become a professional or serious amateur who wants to start recording. If you want to do record your video gaming commentary or read audiobooks in your spare time for cash, you can certainly do that with this recording microphone kit.

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