Midget Made Giant by Try Hardz


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Midget Made Giant is an experimental album of 16 songs by the intergalactic rap group Try Hardz, made up of the duo J.K. Phil Osé, Young Coconut, and their canine manager, Mr. Randall Woof.

The album features 16 unpredictable tracks by the duo who made the following statement: “Midget Made Giant all started in the kitchen, when we wrote the song Midget Made Giant while making some delicious crepes with choco-late chippies, as you earth fools call them.  After that, Christmas time was coming and since it was only our 490th time celebrating, we felt like this was a good time to record the record, so we recorded the record and then finished the record, all with the help of our good friend Randy, who produced the record.  Now that the recorded music is on record, we are happy, which is a strange feeling but we did get it done by X-Mas and so we were able to zip-line about 300 Midget Made Giants back to Keppler 22B, making our little midgets back home proud.”


“Here is the album for you to hear on Youtube for free, but please buy it because we have to cloth our various offspring…”


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