Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Controller Review

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Numark’s latest controller, the Mixtrack Pro 3, smashed the competition as sales skyrocketed and they sold twice as much as their main rivals.

Mixtrack Pro II was released some time ago, but it didn’t spark much of a reaction from its audience. In this article, we are going to unbox and review the all new Mixtrack Pro 3, for which the followers have high expectations.

The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is an entry-level controller that delivers reliable performance. It offers everything required for a beginner to start his career.

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Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 | Usb Dj Controller With Trigger Pads & Serato

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The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is on our review list of 5 Best DJ Controllers

First-Hand Experience

Numark’s brand provides brilliant experience right from the packaging to the first contents and the experience with the hardware itself.

The design is similar to the one of Numark NV, and it is shallow but wide in shape, which provides a considerable amount of space around the controls.

Here’s a quick demo of this controller in action, featuring DJ BUTUNG.

The device is stable even thought that it’s not metal, but plastic doesn’t mean that it’s not durable – on the contrary.  

The light is also quite bright, and it’s enough for dark environments too. Also, the layout is pretty nice, and it’s hard to get confused.

I would say that Mixtrack Pro 3 is a controller with excellent design and it is totally worth its money for the features it provides. Now let’s look at the details.

Mixer Section

Something quite rare with this section is that with Mixtrack Pro III, you get two channels with three band EQ with dual pass filter.

However, there isn’t a gain control, which is something the experienced DJ needs.


You can easily navigate through your library with the browse and shift controls. The faders are 45 mm, and there’s a software crossfader curve in the preferences.

It also features three greens, an amber and one LED red light. You will master the DJ-ing skill throughout the time as you move to a better controller.


The Jog wheel is similar to the one provided by the NV, and it offers a sensitive touch and a shift-track scrubber. Given the price, the scratch is really amazing.

However, decent tricks will come only if you spend a considerable amount of time staring at the screen due to the fact that there’s no visual feedback on the device itself.

The unit features 100 mm pitch faders, which are ideal for beginners. However, there’s no zero-point LED and detent, which is sad.


You can assign three Serato DJ Intro effects per deck and manage them through a touch strip.

However, it’s really unpleasant to control three different effects because there are no individual knobs and you have to reach out to the laptop every time.

Check out this video tutorial on the Numark Mixtrack Pro to get more info.


Mixtrack Pro gives you two rows of four pads, which are a lot smaller than they used to be, but they do pop quickly. The top row is used for loops and samples, while the bottom row is for cues.

The auto-loop functionality feels a bit limited for me and even though that the manual looping seems better, you will experience unpleasant frustrations.


Ins & Outs

You will receive a mic in, minijack headphones and RCA outputs, which isn’t much but it is enough for beginners.


All you have to do is to put your tracks into Intro, and you can start. Syncing is simplified, and you can quickly match your beats. It works fine, and young DJs will have a pleasant time exploring its capabilities.

Should You Upgrade To Serato DJ

The better thing is that it has expansion packs and there is an application for remote access for iOS devices.

Even thought that MixTrack Pro 3 doesn’t offer many features, maybe it’s worth to put the money into a better controller than on a Serato upgrade.

You will need to find an external hardware to record and listen to your music.


Mixtrack Pro 3 is a perfect device for mastering the tough DJ-ing skills. It’s 100% plug & play, and it offers enough features for beginners to play.

This means that every beginner can learn the basics and a lot of professional tricks as well.

According to professionals in the area, Mixtrack Pro 3 is a perfect choice for starters.

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