Michael Hornyak and HyperInteractive Reality

Michael Hornyak is a what you might call a journeyman. He takes journeys in both the real world as well as the virtual world, and he wants you to come along for the ride.

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Mike is also a coder, tech lover, inventor, and the developer of the multi-functional Hyper Interactive Reality, or HiR.  

hyperinteractive reality

Hyper Interactive Reality

HyperInteractive Reality is basically Michael’s brainchild, and it has a multiplicity of uses, including, but not limited to, his groundbreaking light paint program, Light Paint HiR.  It also involves musical elements like responsive sound technology and integration with various instruments, kaleidoscopic visual filters, impact activated tools, 3D stuff, and more.

HiR is constantly evolving, and a new release for this software involving Light Paint is coming out soon, so be ready!

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Multimedia Multiplatform

The ideas that flow behind the scenes of much of Mike’s interactive software creations involve connecting the user to some sort of cool virtual experience, which combines different elements, to produce personalized multimedia art and / or music of some variety.  From there, these creations can be shared and implemented into other projects, and on and on.

If I’m not mistaken, I think the aim of Light Paint HiR is to give anyone (musicians or not) a simple and direct way to play around with light and sound in ways that have not been experienced before.  It’s a cool idea, and I think this next version of Light Paint HiR will really “bring it”.

Here is an example of Mike playing with his own software, which we see below in demo form.  This is just one way to use Light Paint HiR – there are many possibilities.

User-Friendly / Free / Open Source

The concept of HiR is essentially simple, but it’s the kind of thing that can start a revolution.  Why?  Because Mike’s not hung up on money, and maybe you know what that means – by giving the power to the user, big changes can be made.

Did we mention it’s open source as well?  The combination of “free” and “open source” really takes the limits off of the HiR project, allowing to freely evolve in a number of directions.

Of course, this software is a boon for anyone who has been looking for this type of software in a form that is free, from common users to tech geeks, to artists, and more! Imagine how something like this might be integrated into a live performance or a music video.

Light Paint HiR + Music

As mentioned, once you get to thinking what you could possibly do with software like this out in the real world, things could get pretty exciting.  

For instance, when combined with musical elements, HiR’s open source software becomes even more powerful, and entertaining for both users and audience alike.

Take for example THUMMM or The Human Music Machine.

Live Performance Integration

Whether it’s a home-based project that is meant to be shared online, or something intended for a real world audience, you can do a lot with this software.

In fact, some of the beta versions of Light Paint HiR have already been put to the test at experimental art galleries like The Outpost in Kitchener, Ontario.  

mike the synchronistic savage

The electronic experimental band Binary Forest, who oversee things at The Outpost, at one point featured some footage of Light Paint HiR being used in a live setting.  

Check it out in the video below around the 2-minute mark.

Mike’s NiVofHiR Youtube Channel

NiVofHiR is Mike’s Youtube channel, and it serves as his visual news feed of what he’s currently doing.  There is a wide variety of content on this channel and, when you check it out, you get a much better sense of what he’s all about.  There’s a lot going on, let me tell you!  

Here’s just a sample of his recent work featuring Light Paint HiR and how it might be used.  This particular video uses real-time visual using his body, inputed into Light Paint HiR via his 640 x 480 live streaming web cam.

Where Art Meets Tech

If you dig deeper into Michael’s Youtube Channel, you will find some of his more experimental projects, which all serves to feed inspiration into what he does with HiR.  

On the channel, you will find Mike doing stuff where it could be art, it could be tech, and it could be both at once.  Being a resourceful person and concerned with off-the-grid matters, Mike is always playing around with things related to electricity, lights, and responsive technology.

Check out this video and you’ll find Mike hard at work in his lab, doing his thing.  Videos like this serve as tutorials, but you have to be more of a tech geek to understand what’s going on.  If you’re not, it’s still fun to watch!

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