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Lazu Lie – Album Review

Lazu Lie describes themselves as “a band who plays music”. During early December they released a 13-track album which actually has no name…and once again, according to the band, “it’s not untitled, it’s not self-titled, it’s just got no name!” Now please don’t tell me you were expecting a Top 40 mainstream pop band, after these affirmations?

lazu lie album

Lazu Lie is anything but. In fact ‘alternative’ may even be a little constrictive in describing what ANDROID M. (keys, vocals, hand percussion, etc…), M.D. EDWARDS (guitars, vocals, bass, hand percussion, drums, etc…), JOSEPH GALLO JR. (keys, accordion, guitar, bass, vocals, hand percussion, etc…), TAZ MILO (guitars, bass, hand percussion, drums, etc…) and YOUNG COCONUT (guitars, vocals, drums, hand percussion, etc..) actually produce.

It’s hard to distinguish if this borrows more from mid-1960s psychedelic rock or the 1980s new wave, art punk sound, pioneered by musical genius David Byrne and The Talking Heads. Either way it pays homage to both rather brilliantly!

Compared to the rough and rugged genius of Lazu Lie, almost everything else we call alternative these days seems canned and sterile; pieced together in a record label back room and ironed out so flat as to fit in between the radio waves. Not so Lazu Lie!

Here’s a sample song from the album, called “We Play For Gold And Not For Fun”, featuring JJ Gallo on lead vocals.

Loaded with iconographic lyrics and social commentary, every song has a different tone and feel to it, which makes the album feel incredibly whole. It is about the band’s energy, their sincerity, and their message. They all have an acute sense of emotion, but none of the ‘pop sensibility’ that much of the currently indie or alternative music has…and that’s a darn good thing!

I won’t go into a track-by-track analysis, save to say that my favorite part of the album is without a doubt the middle section, featuring the songs, “Ponzi”, “Hard To Get XXX-cited”, “Castle In The Sky”“Velven Pages” and “Wha Da Da”. Probably because it reminds so much of classic Talking Heads.

If you’re getting terribly sick of all of the cookie-cutter bands out there, writing songs how the public thinks they should sound, instead of making music based on the world around them, then this one’s for you. There is so much substance here; you’ll need some time to begin to take it all in. With the stagnant state of music today, Lazu Lie will give you hope.

This album is a must for anyone who enjoys ambitious music and thoughtful, incisive lyrics. If you are interested in a completely different kind of listening experience, one that will make you temporarily forget about the overwhelming lack of originality permeating the current indie music scene, I urge you to give Lazu Lie a try. They waver with the intensity and earnestness you don’t often hear from musicians.

Listen to Lazu Lie’s full album on Youtube below.

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