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Kristen Violet May – Artist Spotlight

by: YC

Recently, YTMS came across a Toronto-based musician named Kristen Violet May who we think people should be on the lookout for, as she is multi-talented, and has the potential to be huge in the music business based on what we’ve seen and heard thus far.  

To get you acquainted with her sound, here is her song, “Good Enough”, which she wrote, recorded, and produced with the help of the eagle-eared Ross Hayes Citrullo.

Multi-Talented Toronto Singer-Songwriter and Voice Actor

As you can probably hear from this composition alone, there are a number of things that Kristen has going for herself – not the least of which is her very versatile and stunning singing voice, which has echoes of both Adele and Amy Winehouse, in terms of sheer power and a whole lot of melancholy.  In fact, we would say Kristen’s voice harkens back to a lot of the great soul and jazz singers of the past; someone like Shirley Bassey or Billie Holiday.

kristen violet may toronto singer songwriter

If her powerful voice were the only asset she had, that would be more than sufficient for most performers, however, Kristen, as we mentioned, is multi-talented and highly ambitious to boot.  

Not only is she a singer-songwriter who writes her own material and is a stickler in the studio when it comes to perfecting a track, but her voice acting skills (you can hear some samples of Kristen’s voice work over here) provide her with a flexibility and character that adds an extra dimensionality to her songs that you won’t find in most singers or your typical rock screechers.

There are even more samples of her original songs over on the Kristen Violet May website, featuring production by Bill Bell.  The general vibe of the 5 featured songs is mainly retro-inspired ballads with a couple of upbeat bangers, with her sultry voice smack in the middle of it all.

kristen violet may toronto musician

Kristen Violet May Chats with YTMS

We actually had a chance to chat with Kristen recently by phone, and this little chat is what further intrigued us about this artist.  Why?  Partly because of her musical visions, but also because of her ambition and work aesthetic that she clearly has when it comes to reaching her goals.  It isn’t every day we talk to an artist who is quite so self-assured and driven.

It seems fairly obvious to us that Kristen has a keen understanding of how the music business operates, based upon years of experience (she even worked in the Brill Building!), and this is why she not only has her sights set on a releasing a new album in the next year (plus extensive touring, she expects), but she is also pursuing voice acting full time as well.

These two fields are really quite different, and yet also similar, as they both involve being highly emotive, unique, having command of a microphone, and plenty of hard work.  One career is usually enough for one person, but Kristen seems up to the challenge of taking on both voice acting and being an onstage diva, and she seems to thrive on the variety.

kristen bussandri

Although she may not be a household name yet, Kristen Violet May has the industry connections that might just show her the way there yet, when combined with her formidable skills as a performer.  In fact, this year she managed to snag a coveted FACTOR grant, allowing her to pursue her dream of creating a full-blown blockbuster LP in the tradition of previous pop divas. She has also had the opportunity to sing on songs by famed producer Phil Ramone, who has himself worked with some of the biggest names in music ever.  This girl has pedigree to spare when it comes to her work experience in the music biz thus far.

To Conclude…

We think that ultimately it is Kristen’s desire to get in front of people that will propel her career along the most.  She seems to understand what some artists don’t, and that is that you’re going to have to get out there are do shows, shows, and more shows once you’ve released your new album.  Exposure to your fans is certainly critical for a healthy career in music, and playing live is the lifeblood of any musician worth their salt.  With that said, we hope to catch Kristen on tour once the big album is done.

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