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Inspire Halton Helps To Create Strong Youth Leadership

Inspire Halton is a youth­-focused non­profit group based in North Halton, Ontario.  They develop youth leadership using events and youth-­led programs as a vehicle.

The vision of Inspire Halton is “Leadership through Connectivity” – the idea that to be the most positive, balanced person possible, you need to work both on yourself (leadership) while learning to work with others and being active in the community (connectivity).

inspire halton 11To support their mission statement, they use external research and supports such as the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets.

Also, to orchestrate events, Inspire Halton oftens partnering with other community organizations.  In the past, these have included Hayden’s Re-bicycling, the Georgetown and Milton Hospital Foundations, the Halton Regional Police, the Georgetown Scouts, the Friends of Devereaux House and Peer Outreach Support Services and Education (POSSE).

More About Inspire Halton’s Goals

Inspire Halton’s youth learn more about these organizations, while money raised by their events go to the organizations themselves.  That being said, the money raised is but a token towards the overall mission of Inspire Halton. The real focus and the benefits of such a program come through the education and increased confidence they lead to.

In the past, there have been many events put on by Inspire Halton, such as a haunted house, a carnival for cancer and an annual event − the Talent Bash.  Last year, Inspire Halton interacted with about 100 youth and adult allies to help achieve their goal.

Here are the Sugar Sharks, playing at Acton’s Roxy for the 2014 Talent Bash.

Current goals of Inspire Halton include promoting and helping out with the following:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Mental Health
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Youth Networking

inspire halton 01

It should be noted that though the key areas are very important, developing youth leadership has always been the main purpose along with strengthening the community.  Inspire Halton is in the process of non­profit corporate registration.

Inspire Halton consists of the following parts:

  • A board of directors
  • A solid group of youth with well­-demonstrated leadership skills (our “Organizer’s Group”)
  • A more flexible group of allies and volunteers who assist with events as they can

Adding to structure are individual sub­committees of youth who will be responsible for one event/program each (four events/programs, four subcommittees).

Representatives from the Organizer’s Group and board will aid and provide guidance and stability to the newer subcommittees.

The Inspire Halton Organizer’s Group meets up to several times a month.

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Inspire Halton maintains communication as a core group via email, tele-conferencing and message boards.

The subcommittees meet once a week for several months in preparation for an event, plus the event itself and a wrap ­up dinner.

Meetings consist of determining roles, evaluating follow­through, having fun (boring programs don’t attract youth), and going through team­ building/leadership ­developing activities.

The main points of contact for Inspire Halton are Alex Hilson (, 519.853.8273) and Mariam Rajabali (, 647.969.0392) who are also on the board of directors.

Thank you for your interest!

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Enjoy this performance of Jessica Lockwood’s original song called Deep End at the Hawthorne Café!

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