How To Use Binaural Brainwave Music to Boost Your Productivity

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This is how to use binaural beats to be more productive:

#1 – Enjoy music and do work at the same time

Some people can listen to rock n’ roll and still get their work done. However, most of us cannot do that.

Why? You will catch your mind enjoying the music or you may start singing the lyrics in your head instead of focusing on your work. 

There are many types of music that can make you feel creative, but you might have to wait until the music stops to do work.

If you’re looking to get work done, but you want some music to have on, binaural beats are the solution. You can listen to them and work at the same time, since their sound does not disturb your concentration.

Instead, it boosts your concentration and increases your creativity.  In addition, if you wear a pair of good noise cancelling headphones, the headphones plus the binaural beats is your best friend when it comes to getting work done.

Here are some of the best headphones for binaural beats, according to our editors.

#2 – You can use them as a “Productivity Window”

To avoid being distracted, choose a brainwave set, depending on the activity you are doing. Then, choose the duration of the set according to the time you need to stay concentrated.

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For example, if you need to stay focused for 30 minutes, choose a 30-minute binaural beats set. You can find various compilations on Youtube or elsewhere.

Once the music stops after 30 minutes, you can take a 5 or 10-minute break and continue with another set. However, do not listen to brainwaves for a very long time.

Once you start experiencing any unwanted sensations or feelings like dizziness, stop listening and give your mind a break.

#3 – Choose the right binaural beats set for your activity

There are many types of brainwaves and each one of them is best used for a given type of activity. If you need to study or work on a project, then you do not want to do that while listening to theta waves.

This will make you sleepy and too relaxed to work. Instead, you might want to listen to Alpha waves.

They can induce the perfect state to think about past memories, reading, writing or doing a task that necessitates calmness and concentration.

Read this article for more information about the types of brainwaves:

#4 – Stay concentrated for extensive periods

Everyone is able to concentrate under the right circumstances. The difficult part is to stay concentrated for a long time. Binaural beats provide a great and natural way to optimize your concentration for a long time.

Within a few minutes of listening to a set of binaural beats through your headphones, the frequency response process of the brainwaves will alter your brain state. You will then enter to a similar zone to the meditative state. Your mind will be fully concentrated and more receptive to knowledge.

Overall, Binaural beats are super helpful when it comes to concentrating on a task. They can help get you “in the zone”. With brainwave music, you will be able to reach fully concentration quickly and easily.

You just need to choose the right type of brainwaves and the perfect amount of time to listen to them.

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