How to Record Electric Bass Guitar With Mics or Direct In

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how to record electric bass guitar

What Does Bass Do In Music?

bass guitar frequencies

Listen to this isolated bass track by the Beatles and then check out the original recording with the full band to see just what the bass adds to the song in terms of melody and tone.

How To Record Electric Bass Guitar


Miking Your Bass Amp


Say you have a Shure SM57 – place the mic an inch from the grille of the amp. If you want to capture more body, the mic should be moved away from the amp a bit further. You’ll need to play around with mic placement based on the sound you want recorded for the song.

Two or More Mics + On / Off Axis Miking

on axis off axis mic placement

double miking bass amp

With me personally, I make sure to also take into consideration the type of bass I’m recording as well as the type of amp I’m using. Some basses, for instance, are very clang-y, and so there’s more high frequency, and that changes things a lot when it comes to one mic recording, not to mention two.

“Direct In” Recording of the Bass

classic bass plugin

Why Use Direct In For Bass?

recording bass in studio

Bringing the Sound Together

When you mic more than one signal, you’re able to blend together a perfect sound for your song. The bass DI, low-end dynamic microphone, mid-range, and room mic can be “summed” down to a single mono channel. They can be kept separate and processed differently depending on the sounds the producer wants to create. With all those signals to play around with, you’ll end up with exactly the sound you want to produce for your song’s tracks.

When you’re recording at home, you might not know what kind of sound you want to create since you’re not a professional music producer. You should use as many methods as you’re comfortable with and experiment with the sounds. As a musician, it’s always about experimenting and finding a sound that you love.

Play a little while recording to find the right version of the sound that works with the band’s sound as well as what the song requires. When figuring out how to record electric bass guitar it’s almost always about experimentation.

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