How To Get DJ Work During The Week

Like it or not, weekends are when most DJs work, since that’s when the clubs are bangin’, its when the house parties are housin’ things, and its even when many wedding get planning, since no one has time to book off mid-week.  Hence, it is usually the time when the most money is being spent and gets made.  

This is why so many DJs are forced to work part time at it, because they think there’s literally nothing going on during the week, and if we’re talking nightclubs, that’s probably the case.  The lights may be on, but nobody’s home.  Here’s a nice club, but you know what it kinda needs? That’s right.  A frickin’ par-tay, ladies and bros.  


Now, that said, if you’re thinking of working that night shift grocery store stocking job, hold on, because not all hope is lost.  Don’t be stackin’ them soup cans yet, fam, cause we’re coming at you with three tips that will help you to get DJ gigs during the week.

Alternative Venues

This is where you’ve got to start thinking outside the box.  Yes, the weekend is all about bars, clubs, and parties, sure, but they’re not the only venues in existence for a DJ to hit up for gigs.

Ok, so what else is out there?  You might think that you’ll be scrounging for gigs during the week, but it depends what kinds of places you can think to go to.  The wider world of 9-5 Monday-Friday business is happening during the week, and that means there are things like product launches going on, sporting events that are happening, and art galleries that need DJs for their mid-week openings.  Depending where you live, there could be one or all of these things happening all around you.  If its an art gallery, might wanna hit up that thrift store and try on some some nerd-chic hipster-ass glasses, fam.


As we mentioned in our article, “DJ Marketing Success Tips“, it helps to get out there and talk to real people, and see what people are saying.  The second you just assume that you’re out of ideas, you’re basically limited to that, and that’s why you gotta get out there.  We aren’t saying you go out and whine to every promotor about how there’s no DJ gigs during the week (which may seem true), because that’s definitely the wrong move.  But, if you go out into the community and you exude confidence, letting people know that you’re a working DJ looking for more work and you’ll play anything, people are going to know you’re cool and hook you up.  That’s just our opinion, but don’t knock it ’til you try it.


Alternative Mediums

When the word DJ crosses our minds, we usually think about that guy mixing tunes in the night clubs, carrying his smoke machines and strobe lights. That guy that enjoys being showered with champagne and making his audience scream for more while playing his hit house mixes. However, there are other ways that make being a DJ profitable.  Like what?  Like…


While it might be tough to get a job at a big radio station, because they want schooling, they want experience.  If you’re new to the game, check out the local and college stations for gigs there.  If you could score your own show, then you’re on the right track.  Just don’t have too much fun…follow them guidelines and whatnot.

You might think, “I don’t want to volunteer at my local college radio station!  That’s not why I’m in this!”  But think about it for a minute, because if you do a three hour show once or twice a week and gain an audience, that audience is listening to you and possibly even some of your finest mixes.  You have to please the station, and the sponsors, so you can’t always get away with murder, but under the right circumstances, you could be plugging your weekend gigs to a loving (and growing) audience of diehards.  Worth looking into, at least!


So the college station is swamped with applicants, and the kind of music you play isn’t radio friendly for some reason.  Ok, now what?  Podcasting is there for you!  This medium has come a long way, and if you’ve spent any time on YouTube lately, you’ll know that podcasts are blowing up left, right, and center.  Hey, you probably listen to a few of them yourself!  So, how hard can it be?  Start one!  Not only DJs, but lots of people are always bitching about how there’s no work and no way to broadcast themselves.  Not entirely true.

Its 2016, and its way easier to pull a Christian Slater AKA Happy Harry Hard-on in Pump Up The Volume, and gain your own cult of radio listeners.  This might require some time and effort to put it all together, but if you’re not working during the week, all you got is time, bud.

Start a podcast, promote it for free on social media, and it could even be a better gig than any college radio thing because your podcast is YOUR podcast.  You’ve got nothing but options.  You can talk about whatever you want – the reptile people, how to drop out of high school, or you could just spin phat tracks and gain followers.  Get people hooked on your playlists, your vibe, and YOU, and sky’s the limit, bud!  Try doing a YouTube live stream…or try out Periscope.


Oh, did you forget about TV?  Yeah, you might be thinking “Who watches the bloody TV these days?  Not me!”  Not so fast, friend.  TV is still big, and there’s millions of people out there watching it.  The thing is, nowadays, there’s so many more channels, and, lucky you, a lot of them are uber-specific.  Its your job to figure out which TV channels are promoting the kind of content you make and try getting in touch with them.  We didn’t say this was easy, but then again, what did you expect?  Being a DJ is no walk in the park looking at the duckies, but if you succeed, the rewards can be pretty great.

Besides making a list of all the relevant TV channels that are out there and trying to figure out a way to contact them, try thinking local!  Almost every sizeable city has a local TV station, and lots of them are desperate for people to put on the airwaves.  At the very least, you can walk in there and say “Hey, I’m a pro DJ, this is what I do, this is what equipment I have, and I’m looking for exposure.”  They might look at you like you’re an alien, but who cares?  Some random Tuesday, you might as well just give it a go, because they might say “WOW, really??!!  Come and meet the president of the station, he USED to be a DJ.”  ;D

Option #3 – Move!  Yeah, That’s Right.  MOVE.

There is an option maybe you haven’t thought of, which is – move.  Wait, what?  Move…?  Yeah, not even kidding, bud, there are some cities where even the weekends suck for DJing gigs.  And if your city or town just plain sucks for that kind of music, just get the hell out of there.  If this option sounds ridiculous, because, like, moving is a pain in the ass etc.  Well, if you are planning to build a whole business around DJing, it isn’t actually that crazy of a plan, is it?  It takes some serious guts to just up and move if your town is full of lame-o’s.


Truly, there are some locations where the party doesn’t stop just because the weekend is over, and there’s nothing saying you can’t relocate.  Sure, it would be great to make it work right where you are, but, then again, you might be the kind of person who likes change.  And hey, it might be worth it, because certain cities just have more work for DJs.  For this, its a huge change, but for the kind of DJing you’re doing, it might be for the best.

If you can get over this hump of relocating, you might get rewarded with all the DJing you can handle during the week, and then some!

Just to get you started, some of the best cities for DJing in the world include:

  • Berlin
  • Miami
  • Las Vegas
  • New York


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