Gold Tone Maple Mountain MM-150LN 5-String Long Neck Banjo Review

The Gold Tone Maple Mountain MM-150LN is a stunning instrument that doesn’t look like other banjos on the market. First, it’s a long-neck instrument that has more frets than a traditional one. This will change the sound of the banjo as well as how it looks and plays. If you’re looking for a different kind of banjo than one you’re already playing, you should try this banjo. The long-neck banjo was played by a folk legend, and while not as popular as other types, it’s a fantastic instrument for adventurous players.

Feature Pick

Gold Tone Maple Mountain Mm-150Ln 5-String Long Neck Banjo

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  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Planetary tuners
  • 11 Renaissance head
  • Maple bridge with ebony
  • Vegas-style armrest
  • Gig bag included

First Impressions

The long-neck banjo was one that was first brought to the public’s attention when Pete Seeger used one in many of his iconic songs. It became his trademark after he created his own long-neck style. Since that time, other musicians jumped on the bandwagon of interesting long-neck options. Many companies are providing long-neck options for their more adventurous banjo players who want a different sound.

The Gold Tone Maple Mountain Banjo is a versatile instrument that has a scale length of 25 frets compared to the standard 22 fret G tuning banjo. The 25 fret gives this instrument an E tuning. When an E is played on a traditional banjo with a shorter neck, it’s not giving players the low notes they want from the E chord. Along with the tone, the banjo itself is incredibly interesting looking. Long-neck banjo players will have other musicians asking them about how to play. The audience will be fascinated with the instrument, too.

Gold Tone Music Group

The Gold Tone Music Group always tries to give customers the best instrument for their money. The company was started by Wayne and Robyn Rogers who were folk musicians in the 70s. They started a music center in the late 70s, and founded Gold Tone Banjos in 1993 before it became known as Gold Tone Group. They began selling their first instrument, the “Traveler” by mail order. They received rave reviews and began making more banjos before branching out into other banjos like the 4-string as well as guitars and mandolins. The Maple Mountain was Gold Tone’s first open-back, long-neck banjo option.

Required Setup

Every single instrument that is shipped to a customer’s home has to be shipped in a way that it doesn’t get damaged in transit. This leaves the instrument in need of work when it arrives. The bridge will need to be placed, the strings tightened and tuned as well as some parts needing to be tightened. This doesn’t mean that the manufacturer was sloppy with packing. It means they care about the instrument and don’t want to see it ruined during shipping.

If you don’t know how to fix the instrument when you receive it, you can bring it to your local music shop. Professionals there are trained in setting up instruments and tuning them properly. They can certainly give you a lesson if that’s a service they offer.

Instrument Materials

The long neck of the banjo is made of maple, which is a great tone wood that helps the sound of the instrument. The 5/8” bridge is also made of maple, but it has a cap of ebony on the top. The fingerboard is traditionally made of rosewood and that’s the case with the Gold Tone Maple Mountain banjo. The fingerboard inlay is in the shape of snowflakes to give this instrument fine details that really make the look and feel of the banjo incredible.

Resonator or Open Back

This is an open-back banjo. Having a resonator or an open back will influence the tone and volume of the instrument. This one has a beautiful tone that doesn’t have the loud twang of the resonator banjo. We’ve included a video from the manufacturer, so you can hear the wonderful tone for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the banjo weigh?
This banjo weighs 7 pounds. It can easily be taken with you anywhere you’d like to show off the instrument as well as your playing.

Does it come with any extras?
This instrument comes with its own custom gig bag. As a long-neck instrument, it would be difficult to use bags you might already have. It saves time and money to have the instrument come with its own bag.

What assurances does the company provide?
The company provides a limited warranty for their instruments, free railroad spikes, a free starter pack with tuner and DVD, and free support for customers. They definitely care about customer satisfaction.

The Gold Tone Maple Mountain is a beautiful instrument for beginners and advanced players alike. It’s a banjo that you’d expect to pay thousands for when purchasing new, but it’s reasonably priced and an absolutely stunning instrument.

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