Gold Tone AC-6+ 6-String Banjo Review

The Gold Tone AC-6+ 6-String Banjo with Gig Bag is a beautiful instrument that looks like a traditional banjo, but it has 6 strings like a guitar. The AC-6+ has the added bonus of including a magnetic pickup for the banjo. This brings an added layer of variety to the banjo. It has 6 strings like a guitar with the sound of a banjo plus you’ll be able to amplify the sound to really pack a punch.

Feature Pick

Goldtone Ac-6+ 6 String Banjo With Gig Bag

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  • Maple neck
  • Two-way adjustable truss rod
  • Satin finish
  • Geared tuners
  • Resonator
  • Magnetic pickup
  • Includes a case

First Impressions

The 6-string banjo has been called a guitjo or a banjitar because it’s considered a hybrid of part banjo and part guitar. While some banjo players discount the 6-string as being a lesser type of banjo, it’s been around for hundreds of years. It’s a bit easier to play for those who are accustomed to the guitar, but that doesn’t make it an easy way for a lazy person to switch from guitar to banjo. It still takes skill to play the instrument. The instrument was invented to give tenor banjo players lower notes on the banjo.

This banjo is a beautiful 6 string that includes accessories like the magnetic pickup and the gig case. Once you’re accomplished on the banjo, you can easily bring this to sessions or on the stage for your debut in front of an audience. With the carrying bag, you can bring this banjo anywhere that you want to practice or jam with your friends.

Required Setup

All banjos require setup when they’re pulled from their delivery box. You can use an app, your own knowledge, or a professional music shop to tune the instrument for you. There are geared tuners that make it easy to tune the banjo if you want to learn. It is tuned like a guitar, so if you’re familiar with how to do that, you should have no problem.

The bridge will need to be attached when you receive your banjo, too. If the manufacturer left the strings taut and the bridge in place, you’d likely have broken strings when you removed it from the shipping box.

Banjo Materials

There are a variety of quality materials that go into making a beautiful banjo. The fingerboard of this AC-6+ is a lovely rosewood. The bridge is maple, and the neck is a hard rock maple. The resonator and rim are made of a durable composite material that is durable and resistant to cracking. The bridge of the banjo is maple with ebony cap.

Over the beautiful wood of the banjo is a finish that makes the banjo as smooth as satin. The cover of satin gives a sheen and shine to the banjo that is quite beautiful.

Resonator or Open Back

A resonator can give the banjo a projected, louder tone than an instrument that is open backed. The AC-6+ has a resonator back that can be removed using the 16 brackets that are holding it in place. This gives you more options with your resonator banjo than if you purchase one that was open backed to start. It’s better to have a resonator, so you can make your choices as you begin to play. If you already know that you want a resonator-style banjo, this one is a great choice.

Magnetic Pickup

The + in this model refers to the addition of the SMP-VC Sliding Magnetic Pickup that’s included with this banjo. A magnetic pickup installation doesn’t require any drilling to add it to the banjo. There’s volume control on this magnetic pickup, so you have the ultimate control of the sound levels that enter your amplifier or PA system.

The magnetic pickup fits easily on the coordinator rods between the neck and the bridge. The slotted bracket with mounting plate comes with the accessories you need to attach it and keep the pickup in place on the banjo’s rim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the banjo weigh? Can I carry it on a hike to a campsite?
The banjo is a light 6 pounds that can easily be carried to a nearby campsite or to a bonfire on the beach.

Is this banjo for left- or right-handed musicians?
This model is available for both lefties and righties.

What kind of bag is included?
It’s a padded bag that will protect the banjo from normal travel conditions. If you need more protection, consider a hard case for the banjo.


The Gold Tone AC-6+ 6-String Banjo with Gig Bag has a resonator-style back and includes a sliding magnetic pickup. It’s a great banjo for beginners as well as seasoned players who want to play a 6-string banjo at their next event with a band or in front of an audience. It’s a beauty that will give you great sound through the pickup into the amplifier or system of your choice.

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