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Chad Casarin Musician Bio

chad casarin personal helicoper musician bioChad Casarin is a multi-instrumentalist musician and multi-media visual artist who hails from Southwestern Ontario.  In addition to making various types of art, he is also very passionate about several socio-political causes which are near and dear to his heart.  More on those in a bit.

Musical Expressions

Also known as both Personal Helicopter and Telson Delmer, Chad has been part of a number of Ontario bands over the years, including Treben’dle, Grand River Orchestra, Yim Tin Tam, and, as of late, the Suburban Bicycle Gang with Jerry Grey.  This last allegiance is fitting, particularly for Chad, as he has been known to ride his bicycle long distances in order to explore his homeland.


One of the defining features of most, if not all, of Chad’s musical affiliations is that there is a strong emphasis on originality and also on the kind of musical synergy that can only come from people who know each other well. Many of these bands have been playing for years together in the local scene and refining their sound as time goes on. Some of these bands currently still play shows, while others are on hiatus, but the spirit of each band still lingers in the air.  

Here’s a clip of Treben’dle playing live downtown Cambridge from back in 2009. Chad is on drums here.

Solo Side – Personal Helicopter

personal helicopter chad casarin

Aside from band-focused endeavours, Chad Casarin has done his fair share of solo recording, with two albums that came out under the Personal Helicopter banner called II Nimkee as well as a self-titled album.  Both albums combine elements of free form improv, folk, punk, socially conscious lyrics, and sheer bursts of creative musical expression which make them quite hard to completely categorize.  As well, both albums are lively, loose yet tight, and meant to be heard and experienced rather than picked apart by snide bio writers.  Here’s a sonic sample of the Personal Helicopter in flight with a song called “Man Made Disaster”.

Nature Boy

One thing about Chad that people from around Cambridge know is that he likes to play music outside, and often it is near the Grand River, which flows through downtown Cambridge.  On a sunny Saturday afternoon (or overcast, who knows?), you can often hear Chad playing music down by the river on a percussive instrument of some sort, jamming out as the sound reflects off of the rock walls, bouncing here and there and off into the ether.  If you hear some playful improvised tunes coming from nowhere in particular, there’s a good chance it’s just Chad jamming.

chad casarin playing outside

Spreading Social Awareness and Covert Reality Podcast

Another thing you probably know if you know Chad is that he’s super passionate about certain social issues that sometimes you hear about in the media, and sometimes not. Usually not.  

For instance, Chad started his own podcast called Covert Reality which touches on a wide variety of topics that he feels strongly about.  Here’s an example from his channel.

In addition to his podcast, Chad is an advocate for Bye Bye Blue Sky, which is an environmental group supported by individual members who care about the environment and want to bring awareness to governmental corruption that is most often hidden by the mainstream media, including issues that the public usually doesn’t hear much about, such as geo-engineering, weather modification, and chemtrails.

bye bye blue sky

In addition, Chad is a friend to the indigenous peoples who live in the region around Cambridge and Brantford area, and is making efforts to re-locate to Kanata Village, a Mohawk territory outside of Brantford which is a historic site.  Chad has recently been trying to draw more attention to the Haldimand Proclamation as well, recognizing its cultural and historic importance.

chad casarin artwork

Chad has never been afraid to express his personal beliefs through his music or his art, which only serves to further color both, of which he has no shortage of ideas for.  

That said, his music is definitely a melange of his beliefs, as well as his personal experiences. Listeners will never fail to take something away from his music, whether it is in the lyrics, or spoken through the instruments themselves.  You can expect to hear more music from Chad Casarin in the days to come, as he is quite active in the Southern Ontario music scene.  Stay tuned to this page for updates!  And one more tune for ya!

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