Brennan Galley Fiercemule Productions Interview April 2017

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Today YTMS sat down for an interview with Brennan Galley, the head honcho behind Fiercemule Productions, for a quick 90-minute chat about various musical matters, including the concept and inspiration behind Fiercemule Productions, as well as a number of other topics along the musical spectrum.  

brennan galley and rich curtis at namm show

We have previously spotlighted Brennan Galley in our featured artist section, where his tech and musical knowledge is well documenting though Brennan’s working with inMusic Canada as the technical sales manager.  As part of his job, he travels across the country and trains and elucidates music store folk on various pieces of gear, from synths, to DJ equipment, and more. This constant communication and meeting of the minds with various musos across Canada in turn informs his own musical output back at Fiercemule Productions HQ in Southern Ontario, which he calls home.  

Today, in this feature interview, we wanted to share with people more of the personal side of Brennan Galley, and talk about how Fiercemule Productions operates as a unique studio situation, talk about new albums he’s producing (one being Dwight Schenks’s latest release), and also discuss his musical tastes and affinities – one of which is his penchant for vinyl.

brennan galley and dwight shenk
Brennan Galley working with Dwight Shenk

Though Brennan does not claim to know absolutely everything when it comes to music and gear, it is accurate to say that he does know a fair bit, being that he is fuelled by a huge curiosity into music production, recording processes, bands across all genres, plus he is immersed in new technology due to his job.  Hence, we were keen to talk to him, and we did!

So, without further ado, here is our latest interview with the Fiercemule himself, Brennan Galley!

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