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Looking To Book A Gig In Waterloo Region? Call To Artists and Musicians

Are you a musician or band looking to book a gig / show / concert / performance in Waterloo Region?

Looking To Book A Gig In Waterloo Region? Call To Artists and Musicians

The Bridge Live Music Productions is a non-profit live music organization that specializes in promoting and organizing live music events in the Tri-Cities area.  This includes Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and surrounding areas such as Ayr, Guelph, and Brantford.  We have successfully organized over 100 events in the past year, producing over $21K for local artists. 

We give local artists a higher profile because we connect artists with venues, other artists, and a growing collective of creative volunteers who are passionate about seeing the local music scene thrive.

The Bridge is currently in touch with numerous venues across the region, including the following:






Live Music Booking Agency In The Tri-Cities (Kitchener / Waterloo / Cambridge, Guelph, Ayr, Brantford)

Just to clarify, we ARE a booking agency, and the Bridge currently has a growing roster of talented bands and solo acts who we work with on a regular basis, in an effort to promote successful and entertaining shows around the region. 

elmira maple syrup festival 2017

So, if you are an artist or a venue and you are looking to organize a live music performance, come to us because we would love to work with you.  Unlike some music organizations, our intention is specifically to make money for others, and not ourselves.  The reason for this is simply because we have a strong belief that artists shouldn’t have to “pay to play”, or, in other words, spend money to promote their art or music. 

Also, from the venue’s perspective, we want venues to see a return on their investment when a show happens, because, all too often, the promoter takes a large chunk of the proceeds, leaving everyone to just break even or worse.  Plus, we are fans of music ourselves, and this business model ensures that the music scene in Kitchener / Waterloo / Cambridge stays healthy and vibrant.

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In the past, we have organized many community and charitable events as well, including Music For Mental Health, The Bridge Riverfest, Neighborhood Day, Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, and many more!  Not for profit shows are a big part of our identity, and we will continue to support what we consider to be worthy causes in our community.

Contact The Bridge

If you want to contact The Bridge Live Music Productions, you can contact Daniel via text or phone call at: (519) 404-0199

Connect with The Bridge here on Facebook

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