Good Streets by The Approachables

Good Streets is a song originally written by The Approachables in 2001 and found its way as the opening track on their debut full length LP, On Sound Stage Mountain, released for public consumption in 2008.

But, with society the way it was in 2008 (pictured below: 2008 society), the public certainly had no time for The Approachables.


As it turned out, society as it was in 2008 did not find Good Streets altogether palatable.

Or, perhaps, due to band mismanagement and a lack of proper marketing, the right audience never even got a chance to hear Good Streets.  🙁

The real question still lingers… is the FM world ready for a song like this?


not used to working not used to living this way

i’m used to rolling around skinning fruit by myself

i really wish i could go and not look after you

these hairy dreams are ganging up on me

lets talk about some good streets 

lets talk about some good streets

lets talk about some good streets

lets talk about some good streets

lets talk about some very good streets

back from leviticus the year 2015

jump up on the counter grab myself a treat

i found a small phone under a false stone

now i can talk to the girls in apartment 15

all we talk about some good streets

lets talk about some good streets

lets talk about some good streets

lets talk about some good streets

lets talk about some very good streets

One time a fellow by the name of Will Alvarez covered Good Streets with just his charming self and a uke…not very faithful to the original but hey covers don’t have to be, right?  The song was obviously reaching the ears of some folk in far flung places around the world.

Despite passionate attempts to promote the music, the Approachables remain untouched by the wand of fame.

In 2016, 8 years after Good Streets finally got recorded by The Approachables for On Sound Stage Mountain, one of the Approachables, Young Coconut (pictured below) decided to re-record Good Streets for his own amusement and on his own dime.


The goal – it was and is STILL uncertain, as the YC came out of his cave, recorded the song in a new format (“for the clubs”) and retreated back into his cave.

Here is how it turned out, complete with dope beats.

This version’s decidedly more electronic feel could be partly explained by the fact that YC recorded the song with Tiger Suit‘s Curtis Maranda (pictured below, high as a fucking hot air balloon), a man who is no stranger to electronic music and in fact enjoys his fair share of dope beats, loops, and trippy shit.

curtis maranda of tiger suit

Just How Good Was Those Streets?

The history of the song Good Streets does go back further than the Approachables album, which was released, like we already said, to basically no fanfare whatsoever in 2008.  The public clearly wasn’t ready, and so it fell on deaf ears not once, but TWICE.

During the band’s heyday, the Approachables did got into the habit of playing the track live during their brief tenure as an actual band between 2000 and 2002, before it all went to shit and it was band member vs. band member and defamation lawsuits flew about like small, annoying birds.  Witness the type of deplorable behavior that was typical of not only the Approachables, but several Fauxtown Records bands at the time.  Just sickening…

Thankfully, Good Streets and many other unique songs did see the crackle of live amplitude and were performed live by the band, and it – Good Streets – was one of the more feisty live chestnuts in the band’s rather unnecessarily large back catalogue. (Triple Live, anyone?)

Here’s an Approachables band pic from back in 2001, playing at the Circus Room, back when it was the hottest joint in town.  And the Approachables were the hottest ticket in town…or so it seemed to them, at the time.

circus room approachables 1

The Childebeast Riseth

The song saw a very brief revisitation in around 2008, when YC’s fairweather band Childebeast played the song live once or twice.

Here’s a clip (below) of Good Streets the way Childebeast used to play it when they kicked out the jams, motherfuckers!!!  Fronting the song here is J.K. Phil Osé, who went on to record many of his own solo albums, and simultaneously is one half of Try Hardz, a “bad rap group” that claim to be “from space”.

At this particular time – around 2008, when The Approachables were getting their shit together to record Good Streets for their album – this rogue version of Good Streets was played at a jam night by Childebeast for church kids in an office / rec room somewhere (trust me, you don’t even want to know where this is).

From Hero To Zero

To go back to the very beginning of Good Streets, the song you must have a certain amount of emotional investment in by now, did you know that actually the track was actually written in 2001 by Marco Pedrosa and Young Coconut on a really shitty $5 keyboard that belonged to Marco which featured wild animal sound affects and a few different dance-y beats and marginalized tribal rhythms.

One morning / afternoon / evening in 2001, for whatever reason, Marco’s shitty keyboard inspired the beginnings of a song with the help of some decidedly low-fi onboard effects, and hence the song was conceived and committed to 4-track tape and then left to soak in the brine for a while.

Here is that original demo, unearthed from the depths of oblivion…

With the Approachables looking for songs to pad their setlist back in 2001, they decided to include “Good Streets”… could they do it, based on the nebulous nature of the original?

Well, where there’s a will there’s a way…and that’s what happened – the band adopted the song like an orphaned step child, deftly pulling it out of the protoplasmic goo and into “full band mode”.

Once the band was able to jam on it a bit, the song took shape…and, as it turns out, Good Streets did end up on that first LP (pictured below – not so grainy this time) after all.  Wow!

indie rock gold- on sound stage mountain

…which leads us back to the beginning of all this jibber jabber, and how Good Streets actually morphed into something more than the demo may have suggested (what did it suggest, really?).

Check out On Sound Stage Mountain by The Approachables to hear it in its proper sequence with the rest of its brother / sister / cousin / pet songs on the album.

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