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Hi, and welcome to the YouTube Music Sucks!

We are a music blog and also the home of Fauxtown Records, which is record label based out of the province of Ontario, located in Canada with a number of artists under that banner.

What you can expect from this site, on the whole, is fresh content on the following topics:

  • DJing
  • Hip Hop
  • Live performance gear
  • Podcasting
  • Reviews
  • Music-related blog

To find out more, check out the top menu which should allow you to easily find what you want on the site.  These things are all near and dear to our hearts, and we hope to provide you with interesting info that you won’t get elsewhere on all of these topics.


We also feature artists that we think are cool, and we have our own stable of artists as well, who all use a lot of gear and love to talk about music and share their songs with people.

Many of our artists have been in the music business for years now, and have been recording and performing for a long time.  We think their insights are also valuable, and you will find them blogging on the site as well.

Oh, and next time you’re in South-Western Ontario, you should hit up our friends at The Outpost, who are masters of putting on crazy underground musical multimedia shows unlike any other. They are located in Kitchener, and you can follow them on Instagram here: