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Hi, and welcome to the YouTube Music Sucks. Glad you could stop by!

We are a music blog as well as the home of Fauxtown Records, which is an indie music label out of Southern Ontario, Canada.

Topics that we like to discuss include DJing, Live Performance GearPodcasting Info & Gear, Recording Gear, and more!

We also have a little online shop which features some music by our own unique and original artists and bands.

We highly encourage you to use the search bar (above right) or the category pages found in the main menu at the top of this page to navigate the site.

We promise to all our readers that all our content shall be engaging and helpful, with a bit of extra spice thrown in just because as we like to say around here, hey bingo bango boing boing boing!

Oh, and next time you’re in South-Western Ontario, you should hit up our friends at The Outpost, who are likely putting on some sort of sick art or music-related show.

One last thing.  Below is our big Fauxtown Records playlist.  Its got a lot of musical output on it that we personally are responsible for that we have over on our Fauxtown Records Soundcloud page, but you can check some of it out right here via the super-sized player below.