nothing's shocking album cover

by: YC Some music critics…well, most…point to Nirvana’s Nevermind as the album that announced the arrival of the “alternative” nation to the world.  That’s understandable, since it took the world […]

Stormzy Gangs Signs and Prayer Review

Stormzy’s long-awaited debut finally dropped this year, after an unexpected hiatus last September – Gang Signs and Prayer – which is the topic of my review today.  Initially without explanation, […]

lionyls album cover

by: Young Coconut If you are from in or around the Ottawa area, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of one of the hardest working local bands in the land […]

tool opiate EP review

by: Young Coconut Tool has been around for long enough now that it is tempting to call them the godfathers of *something*. But what?  Progressive metal, maybe?  Nah, we think […]