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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Guitar Pedal review

When it comes to distortions, you either take the tamed route, or you go all in. The former categorizes heavier distortions which are balanced. There is enough gain in there, […]

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal review

When you mention guitar effects pedals, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is some sort of distortion, overdrive or something similar. Something that is clearly heard if […]

Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeler review

Within these last several years, Line 6 has become a de facto patron saint of budget guitar players around the world. With modeling amps becoming more and more affordable, Line […]


Ever since effects pedals became a thing, chorus pedals became one of the most practical and most used tools in the industry. Not everyone has the luxury of having several […]