Binary Forest

binary forest at the loftBinary forest is an experimental electronic dance & funk duo from Kitchener, Ontario. Their sound features synths, beats, loops, and anarchy. They also have a special member of the band who is a cactus, named JC.

They have been sighted partying at The Outpost, The Loft, and Banger in the Foxhole pt. 1 & 2 (plus afterparties), toasting to their haters with goblets full of hater tears, and sitting amidst kiddie pools full of dollah billz.

Their top 3 haters include: Gustav, The Flying Lenins, and The World.

Listen to their debut album, Coffee & Cake…

Despite being from the distant future where parties have ceased to exist, when the band travelled back to this time period, they had the good fortune to have learned the ancient ways of partying from the Guz (Gustav Fedoseev) and his clan of naked and sexually potent polynesian princess wives.  The Guz was / will be a gypsy soothsayer from the year 3122, in a time where carrying music on a flash drive found on your person is punishable by beheading.

Watch this video of The Flying Lenins dispelling rumors on band’s ejection from building in d/t Kitchener.  As mentioned, the Lenins hate Binary Forest, due to a history between these two rival musical hitmakers which they have done everything to conceal from their adoring public.

Watch IDRM get harassed by The Flying Lenins, as part of a ruse used to grab the attention of Binary Forest by discussing a fake op. ed. piece.  Off camera, we do not see that the FBI and S.W.A.T. team are closing in on the premises, alongside the Big Cat, IDRM’s DDK, and Gustav in camouflage.

Interview with Binary Forest from the German magazine Blitzkrieg (translated from German):


MGMT, Pink Floyd, Griz, Ratatat, Daft Punk, John Cage, Flying Lenins

Type of music you play?

Psychedelic Electronica

Where have you played?

Live in The Loft, Strange Utopia, The Outpost, Kwartzlab…to list a few favourites

Who have you played with?

Flying Lenins’ nemesis Young Coconut, he’s really the most famous person we’ve played with. At first we were worried that our mentors, the Flying Lenins, would be upset but there weren’t any problems.

Are you touring now? Or do you tour in general?

We don’t tour, not that we have anything against touring.

When did you start?

Our first album was done in 2011, so sometime around then.

Who’s in the group?

JC, Syd, Goran

Where are you from?

The earth, man.

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