Yamaha PortaSound Voicebank PSS-170 Portable Toy Mini Keyboard Review

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pss 170 porta sound by yamaha

Toy keyboards – the kind with miniature keys and built-in speakers that are made of plastic – are a popular purchase these days by people who are into unique-sounding analog music gear and aren’t brainwashed into thinking that music has to be made with thousand dollar equipment.

PortaSound ’80’s Entry Level Mini Keyboards for Beginner Players

yamaha portasound

yamaha pss480


Back in the ’80’s, you simply never knew what would happen, although I’m pretty sure a lot of parents and grandparents hoped that by buying their kid a PortaSound keyboard, they might have the next Rachmaninoff on their hands. Instead, they probably heard a lot more stuff like this playing incessantly from the rec room.

pss 170 boxed

Yamaha PSS-170 PortaSound Portable Toy Mini Keyboard Review

Main Switches

pss-170 close up

Keys and Drum Beats

pss 170 keys and drum machine

Voices, Effects

voice bank pss 170 up close

In the above pic, you can see why this thing emphasizes that it is indeed a “voice bank”, because someone took the time to jam a whole helluva lotta different keyboard “voice” effects into this tiny beast.

Voice Selector

voice selector

Headphones / Aux Out / DC In

Feature Pick

Yamaha Electronic Keyboard Portasound Pss-170

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Here’s a song that Chad plays with the PSS-170 under his pseudonym, Telson Delmer, called “evening for penguins”…

young coconut musician

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