XIAOKOA Professional Condenser Microphone Review

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The XIAOKOA Professional Condenser Microphone is compact and so easy to use that it makes a perfect microphone for amateurs, too.

While we’ve reviewed some microphones that are good for voice recording and others that are suitable for music recording, this is an all-purpose microphone for a variety of situations.

Imagine that you’re starting out as a journalist. As a green newbie, you’re sent to the local city council meetings. With this microphone, you can travel with a compact recorder that turns your Android or iPhone into a recording device.

You use the interview recording to impress your boss who starts sending you on more important assignments!

What’s Included?

  • Condenser microphone
  • Desktop stand
  • Audio cable
  • Headset adapter
  • Filter

Feature Pick

Professional Condenser Microphone, Plug &Play Home Studio Microphones For Iphone Android Recording, Pc, Computer, Podcasting, Mini Desktop Mic Stand Dual-Layer Acoustic Filter (M3-New)

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This microphone can be used to record interviews, lectures, and podcasts. While some microphones stop there as good recorders for voice, this microphone is great for music and singing as well.

It comes with a dual-layer acoustic filter, which removes the hissing and popping that can occur on some recordings. It can be adjusted easily to give you the right distance between the microphone and the filter itself.

Vocal Perfection

The filter and cardioid pattern help to make this a perfect microphone for vocals. Interviews, podcast recording, and lecture recording can be accomplished with this microphone, but it’s also great for those times when you need to be understood clearly.

Use this when you need to chat over Skype, Facebook, or other messaging services. If you have a job that requires clear, distinct conversation online, the XIAOKOA Condenser Microphone will capture your voice without distortion.

Tabletop Mount

The microphone has a tabletop mount that gives you hands-free usability. You don’t have to hold the microphone for a long time while you record your voice. With your hands free, you can type or take notes while you’re talking.

There’s an adjustable boom that can be moved to alter the distance between the mic and the filter. When you first receive delivery of the microphone, you will have to take some test recordings to ensure that the distance is good. You shouldn’t be able to hear breathing or hissing on any of your recordings.

Connects to Smartphones

This is where the XIAOKOA Condenser Mic stands out from the crowd. Instead of keeping the microphone on your desk, it can be removed from the stand and carried with you. If you don’t have a laptop or desktop computer, you can use your smartphone or tablet to record your voice, singing, or music.

While you don’t need a driver for recording with your laptop or desktop, you will need a cable to connect the microphone to your phone. A headset microphone Y splitter cable is needed for that kind of connection.

Compact and Portable

As mentioned previously, you can take this with you to do interviews and chat over social media messaging systems. It’s small enough to carry in a small bag without having to lug around a whole sound system and heavy bags.

If you have the proper video capturing software as well as your microphone, you can record the voice over for any video you like as it happens.

The mic measures 2.3” x 8” x 4.7” and weighs 13 ounces. This lightweight, portable microphone can help you become an Internet sensation if you want to record your voice and entertain the masses.


A good microphone is compatible with a variety of devices. It’s certainly portable, and it can be used with your smartphone, but what about your PC versus Mac debate. This is suitable for the Windows PC, but for a Mac, you’ll have to check the driver to ensure it’s capable of recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this microphone be used for recording rap?

It definitely can be used for that purpose. Whether it’s singing, rapping, or conversation, the microphone can capture it all.

What software can I use to record?

This is a personal preference. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend any specific software, so you can choose what’s easy for you to learn. WavePad, Audacity, or Camtasia will work on the computer. If you want a mobile recording app, you can check the phone’s respective app store.

Does it work with 5th generation iPod and the iPhone 7?

It works with both of those Apple products.

It’s not recording when I plug it into my laptop. What should I do?

Sometimes, it’s easy to fix this problem. Make sure that you’re opening the sound options and making the microphone your recording device.

The XIAOKOA Condenser Microphone is great for amateurs and professionals. It’s portable and doesn’t require extra software or a complicated setup.

It’s a plug-and-play microphone that works with a wide variety of devices quite efficiently. If you have dreams of becoming an Internet sensation or advancing in your career, this microphone could be the key to those dreams.

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