Who Or What Is Squarepusher? EDM, Jazz, Bleeps, And You

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Jenkinson showed interest in music very early in life while studying in Essex at a school affiliated with Chelmsford Cathedral. That’s why the organ music highly influences his work.

At the age of 11, Tom bought a 3/4 size nylon-strung classical and attended a couple of private lessons, but soon after that, he decided to teach himself. This was as a result of the fact that he found his teacher’s answers of his questions unsatisfactory.


He joined his first band at the age of 12 and in the following years he played bass guitar in numerous gigs across East England and London. During the 90’s he started to show any interest in the acid house, techno, house music and hardcore. This resulted in his friendship with the co-founder of Spymania – Hardy Finn.

Notable Albums by Squarepusher

V. Selection Sixteen (1999)

For less than $14 you can purchase a vinyl copy of one of the most underrated albums of Squarepusher. This is the most acid techno related record he has ever released. In fact, it was really great, and people never understood why he didn’t experiment more with it in his next albums.

At the time of the album’s release, Tom had been working as a regular DJ in various clubs located in Sheffield. “Snake Pass” is a fantastic track, which makes a great combination with “Mind Rubbers.” These two together with “Schizm Track #1” and “Schizm Track #2” make this album a genuine pearl.

IV. Hello Everything released in 2006

After a series of acid tracks had been made, Tom decided to create another album even thought that he first stated that he had no intention of doing so. Some of these tracks were played at Warp’s 20th anniversary in Sheffield 2009 by Tom, himself.

Many believe that Hello Everything was his last great record. They might have a point!

III. Hard Normal Daddy

This is the first album developed for Warp, and Tom used the same equipment, which he used in Feed Me Weird Things. He wanted to move over to the more soundtrack-type of sound and pushed away the jazz influence.

The sleeve artwork was influenced from sceneries the town he lives in has. The cover image features the Gasometers near the place he lived as a teenager.

II. Go Plastic

Squarepusher’s Go Plastic album is really experimental, but it consists of some of the greatest moments of Squarepusher’s composition. “The Exploding Psychology” reveals his incredible creativity, and it’s a true bliss to listen it.

In this album, you can find one of Jenkinson’s most straightforward drum & bass tracks and the semi-radio-friendly record “My Red Hot Car”.

Big Loada

In January 1997, Tom moved to a flat in London where he even filmed the “xxx” documentary. During that time, Tom claimed that he had experienced numerous nightmares about the end of the world.

Part of this album is the record “Journey To Reedham” which was an 8-bit project developed on a computer for a computer game. Meanwhile, “Come on my Selector” has turned out to be his most famous tracks, whereas the director of the video Chris Cunningham also played a major role in this success.

What else in the Squarepusher goodie bag?

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