we're sorry

We’re Sorry by The Approachables

We’re Sorry is a song originally written by Adrian Bos with help from his bro Justin when the two brothers lived together in the Toronto around the year 1999 A.D.

Here’s the original 4-track version…

The song was then adopted by Adrian’s band The Approachables for their Comin’ Off Lies Like A Dirty Soap EP in 2000. Here’s that version…

Then, in 2013, one of The Approachables named Young Coconut covered the song and recorded it.  The song didn’t surface until 2016 when he released his album “Stand Back”. Here’s that version of “We’re Sorry”…

In 2014, Young Coconut’s other band, The ‘Rents, also recorded a version of We’re Sorry.  It ended up on their Shaved Silver EP.  Here’s that version…


Got the big day on the back of my mind

Silver Syd said its just a waste of my time

Oh I know there are some things you can do without

Its been twelve months since I got this disease

And now I’d rather be dead or so we’re lead to believe

Oh I can’t promise you a thing

Say one thing we mean another

Oh what we mean to say is

We’re sorry

We’re sorry

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