try hardz with a vengeance on earth

Try Hardz with a Vengeance (On Earth) Album Review – by Mittens

The experimental off-time approach to music making is one mastered by Try Hardz. Opening with The Golden Scepter, which appears to be referencing the tv sitcom The Golden Girls, the scepter in this song a symbol of hate for the program and its horribly scribed scripts.

try hardz with a vengeance on earth

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The Try Hardz are a colloquial parody group satirizing the baby boomers successes. They seem to whole-heartedly ridicule their contemporaries attempts at good music and good raps in the album under discussion Try Hard With A Vengeance (On Earth). Although J.K. Philose aggressively paints life on Kepler 23 in the Battle of Kepler 23, it brings to mind none other than Buffy St. Marie’s attachment to culture stripped unwillingly.

There are the usual correlations between The Try Hardz and Rif Raf on every album, and their live performance when personally experienced (as I regret I have) is similar. Young Coconut obviously a human man presses play and drinks Jamaican Rum while sitting in a recliner while J.K. Philose dances Lyrically with some midgets on stilts. Yes a better entertainment than Rif Raf but still similar.

try hardz evolution

I saw Epoch Talk being made before I died. It’s interesting I became a journalist post-humus, but how could I resist. I was amazed how wasn’t ashamed when Epoch Talk the song clearly broke down their motivations in the lyrics “Epoch Talk…Cosmic Rock”. As beautiful and rhymy that line is it begs to question The Try Hardz sanity. I basically laid my spirit paws down and shook my spirit feline head.


Rayvin Truhg, Panther Panther Ibex both made me cry while I thought of Chris Cornell’s music never to be made again. I thought is this what we have to listen to for the next 2000 years? Fuck. Uncle is obviously about Randy Woof, the late manager of The Try Hardz, although highly controversial as a PR stunt, I know Randy Woof as my genuine partner in the ‘Animal House’ also known as Cambridge House of the 2019 E.P. by Philip J.K. Mauro references in its allusive title. After Randy Woof died of poison on account of the Beneful brand of food he ate, I couldn’t help sink into a daily routine of listening to these songs in my Great Depression.  Here is that song, Animal House, from a different album by Try Hardz.

The album Try Hard With A Vengeance isn’t all bad. I liked Rock ‘N Roll Is My Main Goal. The album is a fantastical journey through the eyes of the outsiders, The Try Hardz. With no expectations I was amazed. With expectations I was confused. With compassion the magic music displays the psychosis especially if they are actually human and not aliens (as these idiots claim).

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