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Try Hardz – Try Harder (In Space) Album Review

Try Hardz offer a surrealist psychedelic take on sound with the glowing journey of “Try Harder (In Space)”. Genres are dissected and re-arranged with great fervour, incorporating hip-hop, electro, noise, ambient, all neatly framed with a strong adherence to hypnagogic pop. Strange otherworldly narratives are peppered throughout the album resulting in a wild journey, one that explores its impulses with incredible confidence.

try hardz try harder in space

A strong adherence to experimentation means that the tracks always flirt with more conventional structures while simultaneously subverting them. It is this defiance, this quality that truly makes the songs shimmer and shine with joy. At times Try Hardz’ subversion of listener expectations recalls James Ferraro’s hyperactive kaleidoscopic album.

Try Harder – Track by Track Analysis

Nicely setting the tone and at times feeling akin to early Farmers Manual the unsettled nature of “Dino-Dino” ties together so many layers into a coherent whole.

A cinematic scope (courtesy of the synthesizer sweeps) meshes nicely with washes of handclaps and assorted percussive elements. “Come In My Space Haus” exists in a glorious haze, as the beats hit hard as the flows have a disorienting feeling to them.

Spacious to its very core “The Fat” allows an echoing, dub-like quality to drive it forward.

A lo-fi electro takes over on the mantra of “Love’s Under Construction”.

Krautrock rears its head on the martial rhythm of “Happy Town”.

Easily the heart of the album rests with the tribal-like quality of “Gordo Surfaces Keppler 22-B Forever”.

A Beck-like anti-folk presence, informs “Red Rays”.

red rays

On “Zipline To Keppler 22-B (Its Hectic)” Try Hardz lets a playful spirit inform the entirety of the piece.

Nearly amorphous “Protect The Whores” swirls with a loose, improvised feeling.

Hard-edged beats give “Goodbye To Sadness” a propulsive quality.

Vocals opt for a theatrical flair with ‘Wicked Wild Witchery”.

Nicely bringing things to a close the oddly R&B “Crack-A-Dack” at times recalls the Residents’ 70s output.

try hardz skull vs human skull

Over the course of “Try Harder (In Space)” Try Hardz ensure that nothing remains constant, sculpting an entire aural universe that exists in a constant state of flux.

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