Tiger Suit – About The Band

Tiger Suit formed in 2010 to bring the musical interests of Curtis Maranda and Renee Cross together into one project.  Their sound is diverse, featuring a unique blend of world music, rock, and electronic influences.

Hear a sampling of their sound below with the official music video for their song Book About Your Life, which is a feature track from their second album, Tourist Attraction (released in 2014).

Tiger Suit, as a band, take influences from around the world, such as South Indian classical music and Mongolian overtone / throat singing, and they also employ instruments such as the shamisen and the didgeridoo into some of their songs as well.  Combine these elements with loopers and various synths and this creates a highly unique and exciting sound.

Playing shows from Montreal to Vancouver, Tiger Suit have also been supported on CBC 1, as well as CIUT FM.


For their live show, Tiger Suit often employ elements of dance and theater to create an atmosphere that is both trancelike and conducive to everyone feelin’ the groove.  As such, audience participation is highly encouraged!

Here is Tiger Suit playing their song “Shadows” at an event called Nuit Blanche.

>> Visit the official Tiger Suit website here for updates <<

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