The Timeless Void – Younger Days


For some bands, their first foray into recording is often their last.  A number of bands only get to make one album, and then are gone.  For the Timeless Void, their first album, Younger Days, was just the beginning of their journey into the recording of jammed out psychedelic tracks.  Not only that, the band itself didn’t even necessarily consider this first slew of songs to be a proper album.

Here’s band founder Eric St-Pierre with more on the situation back then…

“Younger Days was an album that was cobbled together from many of my songs that I wrote and recorded when I was a teen. The songs themselves range from the songs that I worked on by myself, to collaboration projects with my father, sister and of course with Timeless Void bandmate Alex Hilson. Younger Days was released in the winter of 2013 when Alex and I decided to relaunch the Timeless Void. The album itself should be looked on as a demo album. Even though Younger Days was recorded with both inexperience and non-studio grade equipment, these recordings served as the vital learning ground to what Timeless Void’s sound would become.”

Certainly, this album has many of the signature sounds and even tracks that would appear on later albums by the Timeless Void.  Extended psychedelic jams, Floyd-ian guitar freakouts, weary and yet angsty vocals, instrumental passages, melancholy, the blending of acoustic with electric instrumentation, drones, mortality…oh, and let’s not forget that reverb! – it is all there. If you like to sit in an easy chair with a stiff drink in one hand and a lefty in the other, then you might dig this stuff…

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  1. Wake Up
  2. Gonna Die
  3. Moving Forward
  4. Dieing
  5. The Winter
  6. Sleeping In The Afternoon
  7. Fallout
  8. Teenager Song
  9. Spring
  10. I Want More
  11. Younger Days
  12. This Is Our Time
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