The Timeless Void – Renewal

Renewal by the Timeless Void is technically the second album release by the band, following the initial debut of Younger Days, which the band themselves consider to be more of a series of demo versions collected together rather than a proper album.  Renewal features a new batch of songs, and a revitalized effort to find their own groove in the psychedelic winds of sound.

the-timeless-void-renewalHere’s the Timeless Void’s Eric St-Pierre with more…

“On the heels of releasing Younger Days both Alex knew we could do better, considering Younger Days was recorded during our adolescence.  So we did!

Renewal basically started out as a personal goal of mine recording an album in under two weeks. During the album’s production I was nearly pumping out a brand new song (and recording,) each day.  

Filled with some of my favorites like Coffee Shop Blues, Wasted Days and Pompeii, Renewal was nearly all fresh material. The one exception to that was the tune Somewhere Dreams Come True. It was the last song written before I had gone off to University, and I could not find a chance to even touch an instrument!

Performed by both Alex and I, Somewhere Dreams Come true unfortunately is the only song Alex performed on Renewal. Being both in different towns and both in their busy schedules, didn’t make it easy to get together to record. Neither did me rushing the recording schedule. Either way, I think Renewal is certainly an engaging album with some pretty good tunes.  I’m always psyched for fans to hear it!”

Listen to the Timeless Void’s Renewal album on Reverb Nation here

Renewal Tracklist:

  1. Pompeii
  2. Somewhere Dreams Come True
  3. Play My Song Tonight
  4. Shallow Is Water
  5. Hold On
  6. Coffee Shop Blues
  7. Horizon
  8. Wasted Days

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