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Hey guys, Coconut here.  Today I had a chance to interview one of my guitar heroes of recent times, the genuinely talented one man thrash-a-thon, Stefano Nomakills, or N-O-M-A, who hails from Orléans, France.  He is most often seen rocking out in his room with hair flailing madly.

Nomakills, or N-O-M-A, has been posting videos on Youtube for over a decade now, and he’s someone that I came across randomly while journeying down the Youtube rabbit-hole watching guitar covers of different stuff.  Once I saw a few of his guitar covers, I was blown away.  Not only can he play, but he gets right into it.  It is something that I as a guitar player enjoy watching – authenticity.  To my knowledge, N-O-M-A is known by his fans of being kind of a no bullshit guitar rocking guy who can really tear through just about any guitar-based music he wants, from Nirvana, to Dream Theatre, to Periphery, to Meshuggah, and the list goes on and on.  

Here’s a sample of some of his playing, straight from the NOMAKILLS Youtube Channel.  This is a recent video he has posted covering Nomad by Sepultura.  Sick as usual.

Of course it is also worth noting that N-O-M-A is a musical group (with Cici Addams of Sassy) with 16 albums to its name by this point.  They are all available over on his NOMAKILLS Bandcamp page here.  Each album is fully conceived and self-produced, so that’s also something that I respect and find very inspiring.  He has appeared playing his band’s stuff on television, and for many live gigs.  I hear traces of stuff like KMFDM and Meat Beat Manifesto in his original music, but maybe that’s just my delusional mind.  Here’s a clip of his band N-O-M-A playing live in 2016.

So yeah, it is with great pleasure that I present you with my little interview with N-O-M-A.  I should mention that this interview is unedited and completely in it’s raw form.  No spelling or grammar fixes.  I just ask what I ask and he gives his answer.  Fuck editing! 🙂

Coconut:  You got a lot of albums. And the styles change sometimes, but there’s a consistency to them…the industrial edge, the electro elements, the fun nihilism.

N-O-M-A: Yes I love industrial/black and thrash things and the alternative grunge and punk things …. So depends on the mood of the day , every songs are a part of the mood I have the day I do it .

Coconut: Played any crazy live shows lately?

N-O-M-A: Sadly not , i hope to redo some gigs soon .

Coconut:  Do you have a lot of gear to get this sonic assault or is it more minimal for the making of these albums?  Like how do you go about making an album? Do you just grab a couple guitars and a few other things or do you whip out absolutely everything and use it all?

N-O-M-A: I use everything most of the time , I like changing guitars on each track , just for fun . I change my recording method in every record .

Coconut:  Where do you do your vocals? In a booth? At the edge of an active volcano with a really long extension cord?

N-O-M-A: No no , i’m my room , at home:)

Coconut:  Have your rig / recording gear changed a lot over the years? Has it grown, shrunk, been stolen, etc.? I see there’s quite a few guitars, which I can understand. Fate has chosen thee.

N-O-M-A: Yes I ve sell some guitars but still having a lot , a fender army , and some other brand these last years , story to change (musicman , ibanez, schecter, prs …) My favorite guitar are fenders

Coconut:  What was the age where you realized you must shred in the name of Jesus?

N-O-M-A: 12

Coconut:  You produce this crazy stuff yourself? Who’s your Mutt Lange (producer / hit maker)?

N-O-M-A: YES ! I do everything : audio , visual … I dont’ have a mentor concerning production , I do the best I can learning by myself

Coconut:  Do you have a favourite NOMA album?

N-O-M-A: I have hm … 16 records ? My favorite are probably the first one , as drunk as fuck, blank generation … I like my « punk » albums more than my metal ones . But in every records there are song I dig a lot . Every song is a small chapter of my life

Listen to this one on N-O-M-A’s Bandcamp

Coconut:  You’ve been on Youtube for a long time now (over 10 years). What’s new these days when it comes to Youtube? Got lots of haters?

N-O-M-A: People say nice things most of the time , I probably have 98% of nice message , no haters in general . Maybe cause I m not faking it .

Coconut:  I first discovered you through your many covers of stuff like Nirvana and Metallica. How long did it take you to learn Incesticide for instance?

N-O-M-A: Incesticide was part of the very first album I learn , all the nirvana and metallica was learned in the mid 90’s , so yes , i took many hours to learn them , dont know how many , but a lot .

Coconut:  Do you still like making Youtube videos or has the love died by this point?

N-O-M-A: I have less time for youtube , and yea … after 800 videos , quite everything is said , I want to focus more on my own music , I still do covers sometimes , but youtube becomes a too big dump

Coconut:  Are you aware of the Noma Super GT Snow Racer?

N-O-M-A: hahahaa

Coconut:  What kind of recording setup do you have for your Youtube vids? Ie. camera, mics, software,

N-O-M-A: I use a zoom Q3 HD cam (and it s dying ) , i begin with a phone that capture both image and audio , now I record the sound in the soundcard with my amp miced, or axe fx 2, in ableton live

Coconut:  You’ve got a new album, Silence. How’s that going?

N-O-M-A: Sadly , this record need more promotion I think , i have spend a lot of time doing it , but people dont really gives a fuck . With luck I do albums for myself , first .

Coconut:  What’s up with Sassy these days? (N-O-M-A’s other project with Cici Addams)

N-O-M-A: Sassy is composing a new album , i hope we will  record it soon .

Check out Sassy on Bandcamp

Coconut:  Nice logo. Who designed it?

N-O-M-A: I do the visuals

Coconut:  There is some enjoyable nihilism on your albums. Do you enjoy a good bout of nihilism?

N-O-M-A: You feel nihilism ? Maybe . I hate people since I’m born  globally , so maybe that’s it .

Coconut:  Anything else you’d like to add?

N-O-M-A: Thanks to all the people who enjoy noma and my youtube videos . And thanks to you for the « interview !

Here’s one more for the road, folks…

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