Singtrix home karaoke system machine review

Singtrix Home Karaoke System Review

Ah, karaoke!  Who doesn’t love it?  Whether you’re good at it or you aren’t exactly the greatest, you have to admit that it brings everybody together for fun times.  Of course, it’s always nice to have your own full karaoke set up, if you can afford such a thing.  

singtrix karaoke machine review

The Singtrix karaoke system is one of the most recommended, not to mention affordable, complete karaoke systems on the market currently, and it is the subject of today’s review.

Singtrix home karaoke system machine review

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This popular machine was first introduced on SharkTank a few years ago and, since its debut, the company has everyone talking about it.  

It so happens that the Singtrix has even been endorsed by Ellen Degeneres, The View, and many other talk shows.  Impressive! 

The Singtrix is the only karaoke machine I know of that has ever been endorsed this much by multiple celebrities.  So, is it all hype, or does this system really bring the goods?  Let’s take a closer look.

Features of the Singtrix Karaoke Machine

With over 300 effects, this sound system covers every genre and generation of music, allowing you to get the type of sound you want for the type of song you’re singing.  This is great, because if you want to go with an older track, you can sound like you’re from that era.  If you want to sound like today’s artists with those types of modern-sounding effects, you can do that as well.

The system is also known to help those less fortunate souls who are terrible at karaoke sound better (more on that shortly) and those who sound great already the ability to give the audience a performance of a life time.  

In terms of overall vocal quality, this machine was designed to sound similar to a recording studio or concert performance.  The system doesn’t skimp on quality, and the price reflects that because it isn’t cheap.  Still, I find it to be rather affordable considering everything that comes with this system.

karaoke machine system party bundle

Speaking of quality, the Singtrix karaoke machine really is one of a kind, as it has it’s own patented plug, which allows it to be powered by live vocal effects technology that are only generally available to professionals in the industry.  With these effects at your disposal at home, you can become a serious vocal threat if you have the chops to back it up.  

As mentioned, if you naturally are not that good at singing, fear not, because certain features are there to help.  Some of the features on this machine includes natural pitch-correction, 4-part harmonies, choir effects, voice morphing, gender-bending effects and so much more.

vocal effects

The microphone are also very unique as it has a built in “HIT” control which activated harmonies and other effects simply by the touch of a button.

I feel that this machine is a must have if you’re a karaoke enthusiast. The system comes with a custom console, which is attached to a professional quality mic stand complete with a boom arm and a holder for your portable device. The system also comes with 40-watt 2.1 stereo speakers with subwoofer and also a professional microphone.

is the singtrix karaoke mic any goodJust How Fun Is This Thing?

Personally, I really dig it.  The machine looks and behaves quite uniquely, and that’s very evident when you try it out for the first time.  It’s not hard to set up, or use, plus it looks cool. As I’ve said, with over 300 effects, this machine can keep you singing/busy for hours as it’s quite fun trying to figure out what effect makes you sound more like Beyonce and less like a dying dog.  Obviously not every effect sounds good with every song, or with the voice singing it, so playing around and finding cool sounds is half the fun.

This machine will keep the party going all night and everybody entertained and with millions of karaoke songs that are available on youtube makes this device very easy to use instead of flipping through a book of karaoke songs trying to figure out what you want to sing. Attached to the microphone there is an actual device holder allowing you to keep your devices close.  This is actually probably my favorite feature because, as you may know, most songs that are available for doing karaoke are just there on Youtube.  If you wanted to get a projector, to make it like you’re at a bar, that’s a different story.  I don’t feel like that’s really needed, but it is cool if you happen to have one.

singtrix subwoofer amp

Other Uses

The system is unlike any other as it can be used for various things besides karaoke. You could use it for a simple coffee house show, studio recordings and pretty much anything else you would need a system for.  You can also use this system for a vocal training tool. The unique natural pitch corrector in the mic will feel like the singing instructor you never had. Some say, using Singtrix has helped them develop and improve their voice naturally and gave them the confidence to perform.


Basically, this thing is the shit.  The system is innovative, one of a kind, and practically sells itself.  I believe that this is the best karaoke machine out there right now, and that it will allow anybody feel like their professional AF.  With this thing, you have no excuse but to sing and have fun.  Lastly, I’ll say this – this system is for anyone who wants to have a killer karaoke set up.

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