Shure M44-7 Standard DJ Turntable Cartridge Review

The Shure M44-7 DJ phono cartridge is an industry device designed for the most ardent and determined DJs.  Revived precisely as its predecessor, the ultra-high output and skip resistance it provides compliments its reliable structure and sound.

Shure M44-7 Standard DJ Turntable Cartridge review

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Key Technical Specifications:

  • Spherical Stylus
  • 1.5 to 3 g Tracking Force Range
  • 9.5mV Output

Build Quality

Durability is the foundation at which so many DJs start their search for a needle, and the M44-7 is no slouch.  Its dependable and solid structure makes the seemingly impervious construction an enduring phono cartridge that will not lead to vinyl decay.  Taken into consideration was not just how the needle was built inside and out, but how it would be appealing to the eye in the same way.  Its attention to detail goes beyond its sound quality by being able to achieve a beautiful, delicately simple model that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Put simply, consumers want a cartridge that is built intelligently while keeping in mind its target audience.

Shure M44-7 Standard DJ Turntable Cartridge

Sound Quality

The 9.6mV output harnesses the clear, distinct sound a turntable should make, whose beats are responsible for the massive following these musicians have in the world.  It creates an unmistakably robust sound whose quality is unparalleled.  It is deal for DJs and turntablists that are unwilling to sacrifice top of the line quality.  No mid-range accent will be found, the same of which cannot be said about some of the M44-7’s competitors.  An emphasis on big bass is just one of the components raised by its using supporters, as well as the flat highs.  In accordance with its ultra high skip resistance, the Shure M44-7 was conceived not to skip, regardless of how taxing the actions used with it are.  This allows a flowing, consistently vibrant sound that DJ’s and turntablists crave to deliver their craft.

Suitability For DJing

The life of vinyl for a DJ can be a rough one with wear appearing inevitable, which is why a solidly built piece such as this one can maintain the hardships of work on a turntable.  Aggressive use and scratching will not phase the M44-7, so the flow and art of the DJ creating sound is not interrupted.  In most cases the man makes the technology, but in this case the technology makes the man in that the cartridge’s expertise in non-skipping ensures that the sounds that are being made are what the artist originally intended.  What makes DJs stand out is not sound itself, but how it can be positively altered for those listening, and because of this reason they want a cartridge that offers the path of least resistance, such as this one.  The M44-7 makes certain that audiophiles are complimented with the tools they need to grip on the groove and deliver their musical output to their fans.  The fact that it can be used in numerous creative ways allows more DJs and turntablists than ever to enjoy and discover what it has to offer.

Development & Popularity

People are always looking for a more uniquely engineered device to solve a problem, and what needle designers have determined is that higher moving mass and bigger magnets can inhibit proper sound.  This concern has been made obsolete by the Shure M44-7.  If the expression actions speak louder than words rings true for you, then the use of the M44-7 by the masses has let its voice be heard.  The cartridge is championed by popular DJs worldwide, including The World Famous Beat Junkies and X-ecutioners.  Reputation, accountability and style have made it the needle to have in the highly competitive field of music equipment.  While the quality of the cartridge might speak for itself, it is truly its consistency that has left a lasting impression on its users, for without it an alternative would have to be used in its place.  Christoph Grote-Beverborg, an engineer for Dubplates and Mastering, lauds the M44-7 over Ortofons with its improved stereo image, high and low ranges, when compared side by side.  Quality to price ratio matters to anyone, even the wealthy, and this was a problem that the M44-7 sought to eviscerate.  So in conjunction with its improved quality and manageable cost, it became the next word of mouth device for the DJ and turntablist crowd.

With its ease, style, dependability and most importantly, sound quality, the Shure M44-7 is the cartridge to hammer down the proverbial nail of getting the job done properly for a DJ.  Turntablists need what they can trust, in particular when beats and grooves have no margin for error. The fact that it is a cartridge that makes a smooth transition from previous models may be its biggest selling point of all.  The Shure M44-7 is the phono cartridge of today and tomorrow for sound junkies seeking audio utopia.

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