Serato DJ Software Review

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Nowadays, everything you need to become a professional DJ is a mixing software such as the Serato DJ. The software provides a unique user-friendly interface, responsive controls and numerous fascinating features.


About The Serato DJ Software

This software can handle up to four track decks simultaneously and they are very easy to read. In fact, they contain all of the important information regarding your track including pitch info, track progress and time remaining. The waveforms are colorful, so that you can identify the frequency seamlessly. Green is for mid-range frequencies, blue is for high-end and red is for bass.

You can set up to eight cue points and eight loops, which can be easily managed. Moreover, you can jump to them at any point during your performance. You can set loops with one-click from 1/32 of a beat to 32 beats. With the use of the arrow keys you can adjust the starting and ending points of the loops.

serato dj interface

Serato DJ Beatmatching

A great benefit of Serato is that beat matching happens effortlessly. As you might already know, matching BPMs and timings of separate records consumes a large amount of time during every performance. Not only that, but you can synchronize tracks very easy. When you add a track on the first track, it will be synchronized with the second track you load.

If you are keen on scratching, then you can easily do that with minimal latency controls. Also, your iTunes library will be integrated to your Serato library and you can focus on inserting effects into your mix while performing.

Watch this video courtesy of YouTuber ellaskins to learn more about beat matching with Serato DJ.

Multi FX

You can insert multiple effects with the Multi FX mode of the DJ-ing software. You can insert up to three effects per track deck, or all six effects into a single track. The basic package offers numerous effects such as echo reverb, low & high-pass filters, as well as a delay. Of course, there are expansion packs if you want more features.

On Serato’s website you can see all controllers, mixers and other accessories available with this amazing software. The application supports audio formats such as MP3 and WAV. You can even add visuals to your performance with Serato video.

Serato DJ Tutorials

Serato DJ offers tutorials for beginners, which will guide you through every aspect of the software. If you are not aware what a button does, you can click on the information button located in the top right corner. A text box should appear with detailed information about the button’s function.

Serato DJ software provides you with the opportunity to fulfill your dream and become a DJ easily.

Here’s one of Serato’s videos giving an FX tutorial.  Things will be sounding pretty damn sick when you get the hang of it…

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Some of the amazing features included with Serato DJ are:

Colorful Waveforms

As we have already said, Serato’s waveforms are colorful, so that performers can easily distinguish them. Red for bass, green for mid range and blue for treble.

Virtual Decks

The stylish virtual decks display all of the relevant information for your tracks. You will see upcoming cue points and playhead position while scratching. What’s more, you will have track time information and live BPM.

DVS Support

The feel of being a real DJ is never full without the club standard setups with Serato Control Vinyl or CDs.

Sampler & Recorder

You can easily record your tracks in high-quality format and then share it with your followers on the Internet. The Sampler will give you the ability to trigger loops, DJ stings, drops and acapella. You can sync your playing tracks with about 32 samples loaded in four places.

Midi Availability

You can personalize your performances by connecting MIDI device or remapping your main device the way you desire.

Fascinating FX

The industry leaders iZotope have provided the software with a huge variety of DJ FX. You can pick from echoes, delays, filters, noise synths and even 8-bit retro audio.

Serato DJ Intro

Serato DJ Intro is specially created for beginners and people regard it as the company’s “lite” version. In most cases, you can buy it in a bundle with inexpensive controllers such as Numark Mixtrack Edge & Reloop Beatmix.

However, upgrading to the full version once you like the software is mandatory, because it enables a wide variety of amazing features.

Serato Scratch Live

Serato Live DJ was a software created for digital vinyl system users. However, the sale has been discontinued, and after 2015 the application will no longer be upgraded.

The Good thing is that owning Serato Scratch Live gives you the opportunity to upgrade to Serato DJ for free. So, in case you haven’t done that, it is time to do it.


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