Scholarship Program

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2017 Scholarship Program

YTMS is a music, culture, and gear website focusing on the grooviest sounds as well as the grooviest ways to make them. If you take a stroll through our website, you’ll see that we cover all kinds of music related topics from instruments, to artists, to general info and history. You might also notice that we have a special love for everything local, underground, and independent. Indeed, there is so much that can be invisible to the naked eye and it’s our job to explore it all.

We are excited to be announcing the YTMS Scholarship Program.

We know the value of education as well as how expensive it can be, so we set up our scholarship program to help students from around the world aid their college and university costs, at the same time giving them a platform to share some of their ideas and research on the topics of music, arts/culture, and music technology. 

We are offering an annual scholarship contest to students of all programs which provides them with a $600 prize. 

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The Scholarship

We try our best to be a comprehensive resource for our readership and in order to have the best and brightest ideas, we have decided to reach out to students by way of a special scholarship program.

The chosen article will be published on our website, so everyone can read it. They will be credited on the site for their authorship. 

Please note: There are NO application fees

Terms of Participation

You will have to research and write a 600 to 1500 word article or essay about one of the following potential topics:

Option 1: Thoroughly Review a Piece of Musical Equipment (That ISN’T Already Featured)

Option 2: Discuss a Known DJ, Musical Artist, or Band

Option 3: Interview and Discuss a Prominent Local/Indie Musician or Band from Where You’re From

Option 4: Write An Article About Something Musical in Your Local Area (Either a scene, a show, a venue, a festival, a movement, etc)

You can always take inspiration from any of the articles already published on our site.

You can either write in general or focus on something more specific from the chosen topic. In any case, make sure your research is accurate and that your writing is thorough and thoughtful.

Please note that the article must be a unique entry and will be checked for plagiarism.

By submitting your article you give YTMS permission to post it to our blog, and we will be sure to credit you for your submission.

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Who Can Apply?

In order to apply to our scholarship program, you must be enrolled in either college or university full time, and be 18 years or older.

Steps to Follow

  1.    Pick one of four previously mentioned topics
  2.    Do some research and write a unique 600 to 1500 word article
  3.    Write the article in a word document.


Email the article to, along with the following details:

  1.     Email subject: “YTMS Scholarship Application”
  2.     Your full name and address
  3.     The name of your school
  4.     Your field of study
  5.     Any documentary proof that you are currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.

If you need any further clarification please feel free to contact us using the above email.

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Deadline, ​Selection & Notification Process

The last day for submissions is August 1st, 2017. An internal committee will review all submissions and a winner will be picked based on their feedback. We will post the name of the winner on this page, and the winner article on our website home page by August 30th, 2017. The winner will also be contacted via email once we announce the results.

Once the winner’s information is confirmed, we will send the $600 scholarship.


We will keep all personal information confidential and not share it with any third parties. The information will only be used in regards to the scholarship program.

By submitting an article, you are granting ”YouTube Music Sucks” an unlimited license to use your article in whole or in part as we see fit. As mentioned, we will provide credit to the author.