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The Beatpad 2 by Reloop is a pro DJ controller which has in the past few years taken the DJing world by storm and established itself as somewhat of a de facto unit, since it is affordable, professional and especially very adjustable, and able to adapt to many different situations.

This mixer for pro DJs comes with Algoriddim’s DJAY 2 software, which is compatible with your Android device as well as your Mac or PC, making it more than appropriate for just about all DJs under the sun. You can also use it with Traktor and Virtual DJ.


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2-channel Design

The Beatpad 2 has the classic two-channel design, with an integrated controller setup, including: High-end responsive pads, and large jog wheels with LED rings that are great for DJs who are into scratching.

The outer edges of jog wheels are touch-sensitive, which adds to the enjoyment of using the Beatpad 2. The jog wheels construction and responsiveness is actually ideal for your any DJ who likes to be hands-on. 

However, we think that if they were built slightly smaller, there could be room made for a few extra controls, but it isn’t so bad that the wheels are large.

It also comes with 16 RGB performance pads and eight performance modes. DJs of all stripes agree that the Beatpad 2 has performance modes and pads that are of high quality.


It has excellent interface and look which is both stylish and convenient, especially because of the mobile device holder at the top, which is quite handy.

This holder has a suitable size for a 10-inch iPad, but it works just as well for iPad minis, not to mention large android phones, and most android devices in general.

Even though holders for mobile devices are quite prominent in the design, Reloop designed it to be appropriate and convenient for the Beatpod 2. 

By this, we mean that you can easily reach it, and center it better than traditional laptop DJ setups.

Harmonic Mixing Feature

Beatpad 2 has an amazing harmonic mixing option. You have the option to keep the tone pitch constant while adjusting the tempo.

This feature is great for BMP shifts, and also you can use the key match attribute to mirror the track that is currently playing.  Very cool!

If you’re one of those DJs that like to mash up genres while mixing, and yet you want to keep the constant flow of your music, this feature will definitely come in handy for you.



This tool will make sure that you have access to plenty of soundtracks available to you at all times. With this feature, you can call up scads of soundtracks in an instant, which makes it easy to find tunes requested by your audience.

With this feature, you don’t need large music libraries, USBs, large storages that will save your music, because you can have a dozen of songs available to you at any moment during your performance thanks to the Spotify integration.

The Beatpad 2 also comes with a great Match feature that recommends you the music that goes well with what you’re mixing now.

So, if you’re a DJ newbie, this tool will allow you to create professional mixes. However, if you are cursed with an unreliable internet connection, then this feature isn’t a good idea for that particular situation.

Many internet connection failures can quickly de-hype a party if you’re depending on Spotify. You don’t want to let the party lose momentum over this, and it could even lose the gig over it, which would be an embarrassment! 

That said, the Match feature will equip unprecedented tune recommendations based on danceability, BPM, key harmony etc.

Now, to go over the pros and the cons of this DJing dirty dawg one more time…


  • Professional DJ controller compatible for Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Integrated 4 Channel USB, audio interface and 16 RGB pads
  • Has Spotify integration along with DJay software, making you able to acces and mix millions of tracks
  • Sturdy construction
  • Extremely high quality of all components



  • It has big jog wheels, and a mobile device holder, which take up a lot of space
  • It is not compatible with all of iOS DJ apps
  • Loop Size can’t go further than 8 bars (however future update will enhance and provide 32 bars)

Summary: Reloop’s Beatpod 2 and a Djay 2 app will provide DJs who want an indispensable machine with a high-quality and all-in-one Dj controller, with advanced and creatively done software. 

Though it is not the latest piece of DJ technology out there, Reloop seemed to hit a home run with this one.

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Reloop Beatpad-2 Cross Platform Dj Controller For Ipad, Android And Mac

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