The Reklaws – Artist Spotlight

by: YC

Some people just have music in their blood.  This is the case with Canadian brother and sister country duo Stuart and Jenna Rae Walker, also known as the Reklaws.  These two have been playing music on stages large and small since they were just kids, and they pretty much live to entertain.  From family functions, to county fairs, to competitions and huge festival stages across the country, the Reklaws love to play for an energetic crowd, regardless of its size.  

the reklaws live in concert

Starting Out

Jenna Rae and Stuart grew up on their family’s farm – the famous Yee Haw Adventure Farm – on the outskirts of Cambridge, Ontario, where there was never a dull moment, and music was always in the air.  Being in such a musical environment all of the time where people were always congregating, the Reklaws were basically born out of a necessity for good tunes and good times.  Party-goers want entertainment?  No problem, folks – Stuart and Jenna Rae were (and still are) always ready to put on a show for whoever was around.  Family and friends noticed the pair’s talent straight away and encouraged them to perform whenever possible.  Of course, local shindigs were just the beginning of the Reklaws’ musical career, and the band’s popularity for playing country music began to snowball as the word got out around the region.


Over the years, the spotlight and the stage became second nature for the duo, and, of course, bigger and bigger festivals began to beckon them to rock their country music-loving crowds.  This includes the famous Boots and Hearts festival.  Here’s a clip of the Reklaws playing at Boots and Hearts in 2015. In 2013, they were named Best Emerging Artist and, every year since, they’ve been asked back.

Awards & Nashville

Having won numerous awards over the years, and spending a lot of time writing songs with some of the biggest names in Nashville, the Reklaws have established themselves as songwriters who can write a hit with the best of them.  You might even be familiar with some of their tunes such as “Seeing Stars”, “Kiss Kiss”, and “Sun Drunk”.  So far, in their careers, the Reklaws have stuck to an all killer no filler style of releasing singles rather than full albums, but that may change as the songs pile up in their sizeable musical repertoire.  

One thing I can say about the Reklaws songs (and videos) is that they’re all about having fun.  These guys like to party, and their songs really make that clear.  For instance, in their song, “Seeing Stars”, they just want to get the crew together and get the hell out of town, with the wind at their backs type of thing.  Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it (or want to see it again).  It really captures the spirit of summer, hanging out with your friends, and living the country life.


With country music in their veins, it makes perfect sense that the Reklaws would be able to connect with the music of other country artists in a big way.  In fact, the duo has an innate ability to make a cover song their own, as they often do, with just their voices and some stringed instruments.  Because they are both talented singers, and also siblings, Jenna Rae and Stuart’s voices blend well together in harmony, which is very much at the heart of a lot of country music. 

Check their Youtube Channel for more videos.

Latest Updates

With a brand new single due out shortly (“Hometown Kids”), and new shows and tour dates on the horizon, fans of the Reklaws should probably keep in touch.  The best way to do this is either by liking the Reklaws on Facebook, or by visiting their official website to see what’s going on.  Personally, we hope to catch some shows this summer with the band, as summertime is their time to get a little wild.

Here’s one more clip of The Reklaws playing “Mountain Music” by Alabama at the 2016 Boots and Hearts festival.  We said it before and we’ll say it again – they like to have a good time, all the time!

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