A Quick Guide to the Subgenres of Electronic Music

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Electronic music is a genre entirely unique to the twentieth century, where we saw the invention of the synthesizer and computers, two instruments that have greatly impacted the music industry and allowed artists an entirely new universe to explore sound-wise. 
Though, if you want to get technical, “electronic” music, in the sense of music working off of some type of electricity, dates back even further, to the 19th century.
Electronic music, in the sense that we mean (using synths and computers as a base for the sound) is named for the various electronic instruments with which it is created.

Basic Essential Subgenres of Electronic Music

This article will give you a basic understanding of electronic music as well as its subgenres.
Electronic music is best known, perhaps, for being utterly danceable.  It also has the unique characteristic of being sonically limitless, since electronic instruments can emulate any sound. You can have electronic classical music, hip hop or techno.

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