Young Coconut – Bieber Heads


Bieber Heads is an album by artist Young Coconut and Curtis Maranda of the band Tiger Suit.  Young Coconut composed all the tracks, which features guest vocalists on several, and then Curtis Maranda came along and remixed them.

When you purchase Bieber Heads you get 11 original and hot tracks!

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Tracklist (in the correct order, as opposed to Soundcloud):

  1. Bieber Heads 
  2. Sabrina 
  3. Lazy Liars 
  4. Birth 4 
  5. Koca Bebek 
  6. Heartbeat On The Rocks 
  7. Cup Of Snow 
  8. Revenge Of The Renaissance Poet’s Revenge 
  9. Breakfast In Bed 
  10. Natural High 
  11. Torch Bearer