Pioneer DDJ-SR Performance DJ Controller Review

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You’ve gained a significant amount of experience, and now you wish to upgrade to a higher-class performance kit that signifies you’re a pro.

If that’s so, then Pioneer’s DDJ-SR must be somewhere on top of your list because it’s a solid device that will improve your performance.

DDJ-SR is a compact and portable controller, which is in the middle of the table of the DDJ catalogs.

Here’s the demo video of the DDJ-SR straight from Pioneer themselves.

Our Pioneer DDJ-SR Performance DJ Controller Review

Unpacking the large device of ten pounds will reveal two silver jog wheels and two rows of performance pads. The crossfader is smooth, while the upfaders feel durable and quite reliable.

On the rear side of the controller, you will find dual jacks for your master output, a pair for your booth output, USB port, a pair of RCA jacks and auxiliary input.


The front side features a 1/8 headphone jack for phones, 1/4 headphone jack, and a microphone jack if you wish to talk with your audience.


The device is pretty solid as the facade is metal. Every single button and function on the device is carefully labeled, and from what we see, this is a controller that’s going to endure.

Unfortunately, other parts of the unit are plastic. However, this makes the controller lighter even though it still weighs a lot. Nonetheless, it is worth the increase of durability.

The smaller knobs of the EQ section are made of rubber, while the larger ones are from plastic, which is good because you can accurately distinguish them.

From what we experience, the design of the deck is user-friendly. To access the third and fourth decks you will have to enable them.

On this controller, there aren’t touch strips and a LED ring within the jog wheels due to the fact that this controller is smaller than the DDJ-SX.

Running the Controller

Well, the good thing is that this is extremely easy due to the fact that all you have to do is plug the USB cable into it. From there, you must install the supplied software Serato DJ, which is a seamless task.

The greatest advantage is that this professional kit start work instantaneously even if you have bought it ten minutes before your performance in front of an audience.

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Jog Wheels

The jog wheels are crucial for every controller, and this one features six inches in diameter, which are highly durable. For many people the absence of LED rings is very dramatic, but not everyone uses them anyway.

With this controllers, the jogs are incredibly useful and they’ll provide an incredible scratching experience, which means more fun.

EQ Section

This model features a pair of EQs, which includes trim, filter knob and low, mid and high. Nothing that can surprise you! Between the two knob columns you will find the master level knob, headphones mix knob and the sampler volume one.

Faders & Metering

The crossfader is smooth, but it’s nonuser-replaceable. The deck also features a fader reverse switch and crossfader curve knob. In the center of the unit, you will find a meter, from which you can watch the levels of the master output or those in both channels.

Browser Section

You can quickly search your library with the browser knob on the top of the device. There are two buttons underneath the browser knob. The right one loads a track, while the left one serves as a back button.

On both sides of the browser button, you will find load buttons which are used to start the highlighted song in your library.

Effects Section

There are two sets of four rubber knobs per set and four other buttons below them. The first two control particular parameters. The fourth one serves as tap tempo button and note length selector.

However, this depends on the way you set the software. You can scroll through the effects settings by using the shift layers for the knobs. To change the FX modes, just press the fourth button.

Performance Pad

This wonderful deck features eight performance pads, which can be adjusted through the rows above. There are four functions – Roll, Sampler, Slicer and Hot Cue.

The developers from Pioneer have added an extra shift layer for the function buttons of the Performance Pad, called Pad Plus mode.


This controller is perfect for DJs who want a durable device that doesn’t miss any features and works seamlessly without much preparation.

It’s a good deck for those who wish to upgrade from a beginner controller to a mid-tier professional kit.

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