Pioneer DDJ-SB2 DJ Controller Review

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Pioneer’s DDJ-SB2 is an entry-level controller for Serato DJ. The controller has all features of the original DDJ-SB including the Performance Pads, Filter Fade, Level Meters, Pad Trans Beat Effect, Trim Pots and 4-Deck Control.

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Pioneer Dj Ddj-Sb2 Portable 2-Channel Controller For Serato

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The Pioneer DDJ-SB2 is featured on our review of the 5 best DJ controllers

The DDJ-SB became extremely popular due to its intuitive plug-and-play control of Serato DJ, as well as the numerous features it offers such as the slip mode, record, and host of expansion packs.

DJs can now mix seamlessly with the innovative Filter Fade. Moreover, the volume can be adjusted singlehandedly. The Performance Pads and buttons can trigger FX, loops, cues and samples, which means that you can use your creativity to the max

Trim pots and level meters are included in DDJ-SB2, which is usually common for top-flight controllers only. An impressive feature, which can’t be found for this price, is the four-deck control, as well as the quantized Pad Trans Pad, beat effect.

Moreover, this controller is USB-powered, compact and portable. At the same time, it provides customers with a user-friendly interface, high-quality construction, and numerous professional features.

Watch this video review for the Pioneer DDJ-SB by DJbooth DJ’s.

Key Features

1. Controls provide a better experience

The buttons and dials of the controller are similar to Serato DJ and Serato DJ Interface

  • Trim Pots & Level Meters: There’s no other controller sold at this price that features trim pots and level meters. The volume of each track can be easily controlled by the DJ through them.
  • Manual Filters For Every Channel: Alike the premium DDJ-SX2, DDJ-SB2 also features low/high pass filter dials for each channel.
  • Performance Pads: Trigger Auto Loop, Manual Loop, Hot Cue and Sampler with 4 rubber pads.

2. Trans Effect and Filter Fade for a better mixing

Beginners can now take their mixing to a whole new level with these two new features.

  • Filter Fade: Two high pass filters to the crossfader make mixing easier because DJs can manipulate the bass filter and the volume with only one hand.
  • Trans Beat Effect: The volume can be cut in time with the beat using the Trans effect which is triggered by the Performance Pads

3. Works Seamlessly with Serato DJ Intro & Includes 4-Deck Control

This is the first entry-level controller sold at this price that provides the opportunity to use all four Serato DJ Intro’s decks. You can switch effortlessly with the separated buttons for Deck 3 and 4.

Moreover, the controller has two FX units per channel, and there are many dedicated controls including four Hot Cues and four samples. Performers can use the central level/depth dial to manipulate parameters.

For more cue points, samples, loops, slip mode, record, and FX – DJs can upgrade to Serato DJ.

4. Design and Quality of Construction – Pioneer’s DDJ-SB2 is made from high-quality materials and audio circuitry. The design is stylish and the device is very durable, which is important due to the fact that it’s a portable controller and it must withstand travels.

5. Additional Features

  • MIC Input
  • MIDI Compatible
  • Powered with USB
  • Built-in Sound Card

System Requirements

To run the controller, you will need a computer with a 2.0GHZ dual core or higher, as well as a minimum of 1 GB RAM. Macbook users need Mac OSX v10.8 or later.

The resolution of the display must be 1,024×768 or higher.


Pioneers DDJ-SB2 focuses on the design, its user-friendly design, and some amazing new features. The controller is lightweight and easily portable, which makes it a perfect choice for traveling DJs. All you need to do to start it is to download the Serato DJ Intro, plug and play.

The quantized trans beat effect is something that hasn’t been featured in the entry-level controller market until now and it’s something new and fascinating. We found that the jog wheels are large and very responsive, which makes the switching of songs a seamless experience.

The biggest downside of this controller is that it comes only with the free version and you have to spend an extra $200 for the full version of the software.

Overall, this is one good looking controller that works flawlessly while providing an exceptional experience for beginners. What makes it so good is that it makes mixing easy and exciting.

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