sony digital 8

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Phenomenal Video Productions started with me, Daniel Evans, and David Salloch way back in 1999. We started writing a movie which would only ever be partially made, and then it ended up getting lost forever. We started with a Sony Digital 8 camera. It was our first camera for both of us. We bought it together, splitting the cost 50/50.

sony digital 8
Sony Digital 8

I was still learning, and I hadn’t even gone to school or anything for photography. I just grabbed the profession by the balls and started doing my thing. Which may or may not have been the best approach, because you do end up learning a lot of things the hard way.

Pro Panasonic
Pro Panasonic

Of course maintaining a job helps if you’d like these extras. That can obviously make scheduling around everyones busy week difficult. But most often it’s really the only way to manage. Realistically, its often hard for a band to meet more than twice a week unless you all live together. Which would rarely work for those in bands who are also married or in some kind of relationships, especially with children.

The point I’m getting at is that doing these first few videos was a great way for me to hone in on my craft. To practice on willing participants who had no other means of recording themselves anyway. Sometimes with disastrous consequences, because people have great expectations sometimes, and sometimes even free isn’t good enough when things go wrong. Like bad lighting. Its almost always bad lighting at shows. No band really likes to have the lights on.


But music and video are really one and the same to me. They belong together. Music changes the emotion and energy, the rhythm and colours the pictures in a way that words can’t always do.

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